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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kitchen Corner: Ground Pork Veggie Recipe

Sharing with you my recipe of ground pork with veggies. It's actually one of those quick dishes that you could prepare when you don't have much time but yet is yummy and healthy.

Because I am cooking for 9 persons, my ingredients are a lot, you can always adjust it to your requirements.

500 grams ground pork
2 medium sized potatoes
1 large sized carrot
8-10 Tablespoons of soy sauce
1/2 onion
3-4 cloves garlic
1/3 green bell pepper
2-3 pieces cabbage leaves
8-10 pieces mushroom (optional)
Black pepper to add flavor

Peel the carrots and potatoes, chop them into cubes and but them to a boil then set aside. I normally don't discard the water because I can still use it as my broth for the ground pork.

Chop the following into smaller pieces:
Green Bell Pepper


Heat you pan and then put a little oil. I usually use a Saladmaster wok and just put minimal oil at the base. Saute the onion and garlic until fragrant and then add the ground pork.
Before putting the carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and cabbage, make sure that the ground pork is semi-cooked already.
Add the soy sauce and a little bit of stock (from the carrots and potatoes) and 1/2 tablespoon of pepper.
Mix it well and put it to a boil before adding the green bell pepper for final flavor.

Depending on how salty you want it, you may add more soy sauce or add the broth from boiled carrots and potatoes.

Oh, I almost forgot, this dish is enjoyed best when you also fry an egg to go with it, make sure it's sunny side up!

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sun is still a good value for your money! We compared it with Globe Postpaid

I clearly remember back in 2004 when all of us in our family applied for a Sun Postpaid line in World Trade Center. It was a bold move for us because we got Plan 1000 from a telco that was fairly new back then. No regrets whatsoever. Sun stood for value for money ever since. I don't think they're going to change anytime soon too in terms of what they stand for.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kitchen Corner: Investing on a Hurom Slow Juicer

One of our most recent investments was a Hurom Slow Juicer. Investment you may ask? It's because to most it might sound as an expense, to us, it is investment to having better health. 

My husband, being a fan of drinking juice, should always have a glass or two during mealtimes. He usually buys fruit juice from supermarkets (concentrated) or purchase fruit shakes from restaurants. Apart from the big amount spent on these, sugar is definitely one of their key ingredients (or syrup) and as we grow older, sugar will be one of the things we should be avoiding.

Our son, young as he may seem, prefers juice more than water. This is one of the major reasons why I finally decided to buy a slow juicer. It is better to drink fresh juice than those concentrates that we buy from the grocery.

Last June 12, when we went to Shangri-La, we immediately proceeded to Rustan's to check the different kinds of slow juicers that Hurom offers. To tell you the truth, I have been drinking slow-juiced vegetables prior to getting married and have really missed it. At my parents, we were using a Matstone horizontal slow juicer (around Php13,500.00 when my parents purchased it years back). Because of the limited space we have at home, my husband and I decided that we should be purchasing a vertical one instead.

There were 2 kinds of Hurom juicers that caught out attention, the first generation HA-Series (costs around Php14,995.00 and the second generation HH-Series (costs around Php 19,995.00). I have actually read reviews online before going - why? Sales agents would usually talk you out on choosing the ones that they had to sell, so it's always good to do a little bit of research so you won't regret your purchase.
Photo taken from Hurom Philippines FB Page: Photo above: Hurom Horizontal Juicer and HH Series, Photo below: HA Series

The major difference between the first gen and the second one are the following:
Motor Speed:
First Generation: 80 rpm
Second Generation: 45 rpm
 * Second Generation is slower so fruits are pressed more, resulting to more juice

Size of Juicing Bowl:
First Generation: 300 ml
Second Generation: 500 ml
 * If you are juicing for 3 or more, this is a better option

Pulp Lever:
First Generation: doesn't have one
Second Generation: has one
 * This is not very major to most people but being able to control the pulp that will go to your drink is a good option

Another thing that I've read in online reviews, the first generation is having a difficult time juicing vegetables at sometimes the ingredients get stuck. This was actually my biggest concern that's why we decided to purchase the second generation. At that time, there was a promo from Rustan's that we get Php 1,000.00 off and can defer payments upto 3 months. 24-months installment is also available but the Php 1,000.00 discount is forfeited.

Will be posting my detailed review/usage of the Hurom HH Series in another blog.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Mommy Corner: Preparing for your Child's First Birthday

Your child's first birthday is probably one of the things that a mom is looking forward celebrating. To tell you the truth, we were quite late in preparing for our child's birthday, our first option for the venue has already been taken. Parents nowadays book their parties quite way in advance, that's why it is highly recommended that at least for the venue, book at as soon as your child is born and have finalized the day he/she will be celebrating. 

Here are some of the suppliers that we chose for our child's birthday. I will be posting a separate review on each of them later on.

Venue and Food: Quezon Hall, Quezon City Sports Club
If you are a member, this is probably one of the best places to have a party - why? Because the rental of the hall is free provided that you are able to consume the amount that is required. They also welcome authorization so if you have relatives who are members, you can ask them to sponsor your party by providing authorization letter. Because you book it with QCSC, meals should be ordered from them, there are a lot of dishes to choose from, you just have to ask which of those dishes are good.

Event Styling: Patry Magic
We couldn't be happier with what Michelle gave us. Honestly, I'm not an artistic mom and I rely heavily on suppliers. Michelle was able to give us the simple styled party that is very very elegant and mind you, even the seniors loved the decors!

Photographer: Little J Photo
It was actually recommended to us by our stylist. Her tip was to get a child photographer because wedding photographers are different from children's party photographer. 

Videographer: Lemon Three Films
It is important to have a videographer because only this can of service can make you re-live the moments through watching the video clips. Just like weddings, video is the best medium that your children could enjoy their first birthday when they grow older to watch it.

We were given 2 designs to choose from: the defying gravity or the classic 3-layered cake. We decided to choose the first one because we wanted something different. My husband was a bit disappointed though, it was quite expensive for the outcome. Good thing that it looked good in the photo - at least the price was justified.

Photobooth: Photoman
We wanted everyone to have their souvenir shots so we decided to book Photoman. I've had my set of rants because they came late (should have come 2pm but arrived past 3) They've tried to make up for lost time but you could never rewind lost moments.

Party Carts: 
We had 5 party carts which were sourced from different suppliers, haha! Taho (soy pudding with caramel syrup and tapioca balls) and manong sorbetero (dirty ice cream) was in-house from QCSC. My NYFD fries cart sourced from second supplier, and Fuitas/Jamaican Patty cart I got from a third supplier. If you ask me why, its because I canvassed the cheapest one for each! I had to do this because I still had to pay additional on the corkage and electricity for QCSC.

Dessert Buffet: My Sister's
I was really blessed that my sister was good in making cakes and cookies. When asked, she agreed to make the dessert table spread for her nephew. Revel bars, cookies, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes made the dessert table worth going back. It was also a good way to introduce her sweets to our guests.

Because we wanted our host to be 100% wholesome with gospel sharing, we decided to get Amazing Arnold. I've actually seen him in my cousin's party so we know how he does his hosting. We also got additional entertainment from him - golden show (balancing show). We had to add this because we had a lot of adults and a few kids and wanted the adults to enjoy the party as well.

Invitations and Giveaways: 
These 2 items are the ones that can cost much but can be minimized. One of my sisters who is good in vector and photoshop did the layout of the invitation and I had it printed at Fuji. We bought envelops and a calligraphy pen from National bookstore. I also ordered embosser from The Best Impressions to make our envelops more personal. I started learning calligraphy while writing names in the envelop and got the hung of it in no time.   
With regards to our souvenir loot bags, we sourced our containers and then checked the grocery out for the items that would best fit and complement one another. This may sound tedious but I enjoy doing them so its not too big of an effort on my part.

I will be reviewing some of the items later on and share with you some of our son's birthday party experience.

Photo taken from
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

iflix: Philippine's Largest Library of Movies and TV Series [Entertainment Everywhere from Smart and PLDT Home]

One of my guilty pleasures, admittedly, is splurging on video streaming services like Netflix. Thing is, I need to also subscribe to a VPN service just to be able to watch it. For my Netflix, I pay around $8.99 a month and for my VPN, I pay around $6. That itself would amount to already $15. Converting that to Peso, it would be roughly 680 pesos. For weeks that I am very busy, I don't get to open it even once. It's a bit of waste if you think about it. As soon as I heard about iflix, I cancelled my Netflix subscription and from 680 pesos, my monthly cost for this guilty pleasure of mine now costs just 99 pesos. That's 85% savings! Thanks to Smart and PLDT Home for this great deal! It's really entertainment everywhere!