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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Discovery Shores Boracay: Best Boracay Experience (Part 1: Welcome, our junior suite, lunch at Sands, and sunset paraw sailing)

Highlights: Welcome home, Our Junior Suite, Lunch, and Paraw Sailing

Last year was nothing short of awesome. It was one of my best "traveling years" of my life. Having visited around 20 cities in more than 10 countries, I thank God for those experiences and I'd like to share some of those with you. Since it all happened the second half of the year, I had a hard time keeping up blogging about them. One of the most memorable was my Discovery Shores Boracay experience. You might wonder why Boracay was one of the best destinations I had last year when I went around mostly Europe and all over Asia. Read on to know why.

Monday, February 1, 2016

How to Live Stream GoPro Videos (For GoPro Hero 4 Silver and Black)

It's cool that you can film extreme activities using GoPro. Underwater, extreme heat, or even filming a mach 1 jet fighter. No mass produced, realistically affordable camera has done all that before. Last year, I finally decided to get myself one to document my travels and (mis)adventures, specially recording my son's milestones. As a blogger, live streaming is often times one of my requirements as well. My iPhone can do that. My fast LTE connection can also do that. BUT, I would like it better if my GoPro can be the one doing the video recording and live stream what I am seeing at the same time. Now, GoPro can do it.. via Periscope. Read on to know how.

Philippine's First Facebook Live Video Hosted by Smart (Live GoPro Streaming and Facebook Live News)

Video streaming will be one of the biggest things this year in technology. Video streaming has been available for years now but it only caught on when video streaming apps came out left and right. With improvement in app UI and ease of use, users increased as apps improved with competition. Two of the best news just this January 2016 is the announcement of Periscope being able to stream live videos from the GoPro Hero 4 Silver and Black via the Periscope app (To be discussed in another article. Click here.) Another is the Facebook Live for .

Sunday, January 31, 2016

23rd PTAA Travel Tour Expo: The Discovery Leisure Company Deals

If you plan to visit one of the exclusive properties of The Discovery Leisure Company this 2016, make sure you don't miss the great deals that they are offering in the 23rd PTAA Travel and Tour Expo! From February 5 to 7, 2016, SMX Convention Center will be filled with great travel deals for everyone! Make sure you plot out your preferred travel dates already prior to heading over there!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Gaming: Nationwide Qualifiers for ESL One Manila

DOTA 2, one of the most played games in the world and the winner of the 2015 best multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) of Global Game Awards has a huge following with a lot of professional teams from across the world. With this game, it has grown to just a past time to competing for prize money and fame in various competitive leagues and tournaments.