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Saturday, April 18, 2015

THE Samsung Galaxy S6 - First Impressions and Which S6 to Get

A day before the launch, I was still contemplating on whether to get the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the Samsung Galaxy S6. Since the launch day will be the first time I will be holding a live unit, in my mind, I have already decided to get the Samsung Galaxy Edge because of its uniqueness. Until I got a hold it...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Why I'm Excited for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
If you read my blog, you'll know that I am somewhat a fan of Apple products. They have excellent after-sales service. I've never really owned a high-end Android device before, aside from review units that I get to use for a month or two. Sure, it may give you enough time to tinker the device and make a review about it but that's it. Thinking about it, I don't even remember what my phone was before I switched to Apple iPhone. My first iPhone was the iPhone 3G and I've been using iPhones since then.

Nokia 9300

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Get a Samsung S6 or S6 Edge and Win Trips to Hong Kong, Boracay and More!

With two of the most anticipated device release of the year happening just around the corner here in the Philippines, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, people are in for a surprise if they get their devices from the leader in wireless, Smart.

To add to the excitement of the subscribers getting their devices this weekend, all those who have applications approved and S6 or S6 Edge units released will get a chance to win one of many prizes -- just for this weekend (so act now if you plan on getting one. might as well win extra prizes, right?). Only those whose postpaid plan applications have been approved and whose Galaxy S6 or S6 edge units are released during the launch weekend will get the chance to win these exclusive prizes from Smart.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LG G4 April 28 2015 Announcement

With Apple and Samsung having placed their flagship models on the table, LG is not taking a step back but is probably trying to get a piece of that pie and divide the market share. (Honestly, I think that LG, being Android will probably affect Samsung more than iPhone, the former being an Android as well.)

Undoubtedly a well-made device, the G3 won awards at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress. This just makes things more exciting as we are about to see if this new one, the LG g4, would be a winner or just another smartphone.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Comprehensive List of Balesin Island Club Activities (Things to do, activities, food, w/ prices!)

Balesin is such a beautiful island -- a 500-hectar tropical island with 7.3 kilometers of white sand beach, and the fact that it is less than half an hour from Manila attracts a lot of people to avail of their membership. It's an island where you can country-hop within a few hours and experience each city through their food, as well as their unique ambiance. Aside from well-designed and themed interiors, the food is top class as well, blending in to the village you are in.

Upon checking-in, there is a folder guide in the room indicating all the activities you can do and other information about the island. The problem is, when you are already there, more often than not, you do not have time to read it as you are very excited to start your exploration. You'll only know the activities available based on what you saw in the main clubhouse and the ones that you pass by. This is why I wrote this comprehensive guide with price list so you can plan your activities ahead.

Information updated as of April 2015