Wednesday, August 15, 2007

PD 96 vs Fire Volunteers

The National Police renewed on Tuesday its campaign against the unlawful use of sirens and blinkers after it received persistent reports from the public on the blatant disregard of the law covering such act.

Chief Superintendent Errol Pan, director of the PNP Traffic Management Group (TMG), said in a statement that many have been violating Presidential Decree 96, or the unlawful installation and use of sirens and blinkers, after observing that police has focused so much on anticarnapping and highway robbery operations.

"We have to address this problem once and for all. Aside from persistent reports from the public, we have observed with great concern the blatant disregard on the prohibition on the use of these gadgets," Pan said.

"We have been continuously conducting operations against this in the past but when we focused attention on our other functions like the anticarnapping and highway robbery, the violators take this opportunity and abuse it. So now, we will be again going after them," he added.

Fire Volunteers need those gadgets. Politicians doesn't. They are not responding to any immidiate need unlike Fire volunteers/ medic volunteers who need it to help others. they should stop politicians first before they ban volunteers to use those gadgets.
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