Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bayani Fernando For President?

Yes. I would support him. Of all the possible candidates, I will vote for him. He is the only politician who doesn't go after peoples vote.

Some projects (Not all received applauses from citizens.)

sample: Illegal vendors.

What Other politicians does:
- Let them stay there.
- Give them shirts bearing their names.
- Builds waiting sheds with their names flashing. (so the street vendors won't get wet if it rains.)

What Bayani does:
- Forces them to leave. (it is not their space, they are creating traffic.)
- Doesn't care even if he loses street vendor's votes. What he does is what is right. not where the vote is.
- Demolishes illegal sign boards that becomes and obstruction.

That is just some. I just liked the way he and his wife managed Marikina City. It is now a city where I want to live because of the clean and disciplined surroundings.

sample: Motorcycles.

He is just preventing crime for Gods sake. I can also agree with you motorcycle guys that, it looks ugly. but for the sake and safety of everyone, I will do my fair share for the improvement of the Philippines.

Another: Pink Fences in EDSA.

I agree. Its not appropriate. But that is the only measure to implement for those bus drivers who either have no brains, can't read or just plainly stubborn. (I am so sorry to be harsh but I am very irritated by their driving attitude, swerving from left to right carelessly and stopping wherever they want to.)

Another Sample: U-turn slots

Yes, this eases traffic flow but, this has caused many accidents. As i have said, not all received applauses, but, this is a start. rather than thinking and thinking and planning and planning all the time, redundantly, at least they are taking action to ease the traffic flow. Just re-study this U-turn slot please.

Another project (Marides, her wife):

Tree planting. We have donated several hundred thousand trees (or half) already through the Rotary Club and have seen the Marikina River Banks improve a lot. Greener fresher Marikina in the future, unlike other cities. Good Job.

As I have said, I am not a registered voter but, I am already more than the minimum voting age and if Bayani Fernando runs for President, He can count on my support.

By the way, I made that image of Bayani Fernando above. LOL.

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Prof. Toti Dulay said...

Hi cheftonio, this is agood blog. in fact,this is already in nthe top 10 in Google search on the topic Bayani Fernando For President. I am sure BF and MCF reads this. We will be waiting for more clippings from other medium as you print them in your blog.Mor power to you.

Toti Dulay

Anonymous said...

I will also vote for BF. Facts above are correct and I agree.

Chef Tonios Popcorn said...

Thanks Prof. Toti Dulay. I hope BF and MCF will also read this.

boieave said...

i support bf for president
to those trapos "kailngan namin ng gawa di puro dakdak "

Anonymous said...

Sino pa ba ang karapaydapat kungdi si Bayani Fernando lang. Why will I choose those who have done nothing for the good of people. si Bayani subok na di paris ng iba ng kaplastikan lang ang mga pananalita. Exploiting the poor with their pro poor announcments. BF is for everybody rich or poor. BF GETS IT DONE. Kaya BF na tayo !!!

Anonymous said...

Go !!! Bayani Go !!!
Walang ibang tunay na bayani kundi si BAYANI FERNANDO !!! subok na sa kakayahan para sa bayan !!!
Bayani Fernando na po tayo para sa kinabuksan ng magnadang Pilipinas

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Pres. BF, just look at what he & his wife done in Marikina, from a forth class municipality to a first class city.I will not go for popularity, I will look for the accomplishments & I believe BF accomplished a lot. I also believe in the saying that he is the Lee Kuan Yu of the Philippines.Just like Lee Kuan Yu, BF is shaping the younger generation to become a better filipino, because you cannot change the old once,so might as well invest on the younger generation....

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Bayani Fernando in 2010!!!
Why not the other candidates? Because:
Mr. Palengke - ano bang ginawa nya? kundi imonitor lang ang presyo ng mga bilihin sa palengke.
Mr. Sipag at Tiaga - may sipag at tiaga ka nga wala namang disiplina, pano uunlad ang pilipinas?
Erap - bobo na lang talaga ang pilipinong boboto pa dito....
*kailangan ng pilipino ng disiplina para umunlad ang pilipinas, at ang tangin tao na pwedeng makapagturo satin nito ay ang disiplinadong tao, walang iba kundi si Bayani Fernando....

Anonymous said...

I did not know BF well, but based on the issues i have been reading about him, he could be the light of the hope of the Filipino people.

an expat in Europe

Sandi said...

YES for BAYANI FERNANDO! Majority of OFWs wanted Bayani to be the next President of the Philippines, the reason being is, He is the only one that work hard and less talk, he is the only ONE that has a total political will, he is the only one who can turn the Philippines around! So to you Fernando, we the OFWs will support your candidacy all the way to Malacanang!

Anonymous said...

Did those guys contribute anything for the Pilipino people since they were elected to their position. Lacson, Villar, Roxas, Legarda, Jamby, Escudero, what have they done and Erap who is only going around the poor giving tokens to make them believe he is pro poor but where does he live, in elite district. Kaya for me BF is my man for 2010! He is the only one with political will to make things done!!! gwapo ka BF!!

Anonymous said...

Marami sa mga politiko natin ang ginagamit ang mga mga mahirap kuno para sa kanilang sariling interest pero may nagawa ba silang matibay para sa mahirap pag sila ay nakaupo na. Sana ay matuto na tayo na wag paloko sa mga pro poor slogan kuno dahil di naman sila talaga pro poor dahil saan ba sila nakatira at sino ba ang mga circle of friends nila kundi yaong mga mayayaman din kagaya nila. BF is not pro poor but BF is pro Pilipino meaning para sa lahat.
BF for president !! Mabuhay ka Bf!!

Anonymous said...

I will vote for BF.

He's done too much for Metro Manilans to ignore. Even endanger his own life for us. Just to be disciplined.

BF will win if all of us campaign for him. Help him win.

Give our country hope to shine once more and prove from the rest of the world that we Filipinos can help the Philippines.

Myk1015 said...

I will vote for BF.

He's done too much for Metro Manilans to ignore. Even endanger his own life for us. Just to be disciplined.

BF will win if all of us campaign for him. Help him win.

Give our country hope to shine once more and prove from the rest of the world that we Filipinos can help the Philippines.

Sef said...

It is nice to know that many of commenters here will support BF. I am planning to do just that also. However, is there a chance that he will win the elections? I think no. Our mass media is ignoring him at this time, but the same mass media will hit Fernando hard at the worst time.

I think we should all start thinking about solutions on BF's problems on the way to the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, Bayani Fernando will not run for president. He simply has no money. His kickbacks from footbridges are not enough.Remember, last elections he also declared that he will run for vice president, and then he back out. He has lesser credibility now..few people takes his pronouncement seriously, specially the professional political handlers. In fact, in the latest survey, he is only number 9 with only around 3% of those survey thinks he should be president. Number one in that survey is Noli de Castro with almost 30% of the people thinking that he should be the next president. IF you are FVR or GMA of LAKAS-KAMPI, will you gamble on BF? When in fact here is Noli who is the current vice president and number 1 in the rating. BF should stop dreaming, as well as his sidekicks from Marikina who are not even professional political handlers in the national stature. Be realistic. FVR and PGMA will get vice president for Noli from either LP or NP, in a broad coalition. And NP or LP would be happy to get the VP slot because its a sure thing rather than fighting Noli.

What will happen to BF? His choice is to return as Mayor of Marikina and his wife becoming the new MMDA least she looks better in the tarpaulin.

gasspo said...

go BF for President!

gasspo said...

Tama si sef,the media will use its power to destroy the good works of BF.ABS will surely support Mr.palenke bec of his gf while the gf of mr.palenke will hit hard on BF coming election what she did to former sen.recto.every morning of the day at her radio station, she's hitting on recto for his E-VAT law.and now that mr.palenke won,the gf is silent and forgot about her complain regd E-VAT.

to my kababayan, let us support Bayani Fernado for president coming election.let there be Law and Order in our country na nawala bec of majority of our self serving politicians

Anonymous said...

To be pragmatic about it, BF doesn’t need to be a president to effect the change that our dear country is in dire need. But if he does becomes a president, so much the better.

His chances of being a president is slim. And that’s not because of any lack of qualifications but because of the systemic flaw in our election process and the people running it. It would take a massive overhaul in that system and in the mentality of the electorate to get a very prepared, honest and competent leader to get elected such as BF.

Better for BFfor be a VP. Take a cabinet position and run an umbrella committe that will drive the DILG, DPWH and DOT towards “BUENAS FILIPINAS” - a macro version of his “Metro Gwapo”. He can then be a catalyst of change and an inspiration to the people that if they are more intelligent in choosing the best leaders in our country, there is much hope awaiting in the horizon for us.

proudpinoy said...

Thanks cheftonio for creating something like this.. I hope we are able to show BF that we support his leadership inspite of lots of criticism from ENVIOUS and TRAPO na mga politicians (pati ibang media). BF was able to give the Marikenos a sense of pride of their own. Just look at Wikipedia regarding Marikina. Grabe! it gives me hope na kaya pa talaga ng Pilipinas magbago kahit limited ang budget! Kailangan lang talaga ng political will ng tulad kay BF! God bless you BF, MCF and Cheftonio.. you are the catalysts for a NEW and ESTEEMED FILIPINO NATION!

Anonymous said...

Bobo si bayani fernando. Anong sense ng pag tabas ng daanan ng mga overpass? Dati'y dalawa ang daanan nito sa bawat dulo, ngayon isa nalang. Dahil siksikan na sa mga daanan nito mas madali nang madudukutan ang mga tao. At dahil din sa sikip ng daanan nito mas malaki ang chances na mag tulakan ang mga tao pag rush hour at maaaring may mahulog dito. Bobo si Bayani Fernando at bobo rin ang gumawa ng blog na 'to.

myk said...

Bobo din itong nagcomment regarding overpass.

IF I KNOW hindi ka naman dumadaan sa overpass, just like any other Pinoy na barubal, JAYWALKING.

Saka hindi na mgaaksaya si BF ng taxpayers money para gumawa ng snatchers haven, at useless overpass para sayo.

Simplicity and effectiveness ang model ng design ni BF.

Hindi parehas ng gingawa ng mga pulitiko mo, gingawa ng bahay ng mga pulubi at vendors.

Sef said...

I am not sure but I think his posters around the Metro will not help him. If i'd be running BF's campaign, I would think hard of the negative implications of the posters and would think of an alternative.

The alternative though still escapes me at this time!

myk said...

Good or Bad Publicity...still publicity.

Regarding posters...

Dont you think, there is one deserving candidate that is fearless enough to indicate in their posters "Kaayusan", "Disiplina", "Urbanidad" other than BF?

None! ...

If that 3 keywords, was put to "Lacson", Loren, Roxas, Villar, people might throw up.

People must realize what is the message on that posters, and not draw controversy on it.

Come to think of this: there is more corruption and expenditure we incur on useless programs, and useless infrastractures like overpasses, flyovers, cleaning sidewalks, relocating squatters, and cleaning waterways of traditional politicians other than those posters of BF with meaningful messages.

soulsearcher said...

I hope this idea snowballs...Bayani Fernando(MMDA
Chairman) & Jesse Rebredo(Naga Mayor) tandem in 2010! Both are transformational leaders and role models who can empower people and enable them to transform their communities through discipline...This is what the Philippines need!

Anonymous said...

I hope this idea snowballs...Bayani Fernando(MMDA
Chairman) & Jesse Rebredo(Naga Mayor) tandem in 2010! Both are transformational leaders and role models who can empower people and enable them to transform their communities through discipline...This is what the Philippines needs!

Samantha said...

Ang BAYANI ang Pag-asa ng Bayan. Bayani Fernando for President! The only government official who has sincere intentions of doing what needs to be done! The only government official who is for all the people be it rich or poor! He is the MAN for Malacanang! GO BAYANI GO!

nacionalist said...

Finally, there is justice on internet!
If you believe that there is a chance or HOPE for our country, the Philippines. Then, do VOTE HIm!
BUt if you are one of those corrupt people. Then, you wouldn't vote him as our leader, wouldn't you?!
you can show your extra support by adding in your friendster list!

Anonymous said...

why do pinoys at the negative side ugali ng pinoy. kapag may nakitang mali nawawala yung magandang ginagawa ng tao tulad ni BF.kumbaga sa coupon bond nakikita ng tao yung maliit na tuldok which is the negative part the white part of it di napapansin ng tao. among the politician only BF ang kumikilos.look at gloria inis ako kay gloria kc dami kamalian ginagawa pero ano ginagawa ni gloria at least kumikilos di tulad ng iba dyan puro dakdak.

Anonymous said...

No doubt in our minds BAYANI FERNANDO will win the presidency only if all of us our friends and relatives help and support and VOTE for the one BAYANI ng BAYAN BF ito na ang pagkakataon na GUMINHAWA nang tuluyan ang PILIPINAS, pakawalan pa ba natin ito? So to all of you who care so much for our country and the people, let's help hand in hand and CAMPAIGN and VOTE for BAYANI FERNANDO!!!!! Me my family and friends are all set for PRESIDENT BAYANI FERNANDO!!!! MABUHAY KA BAYANI NG BAYAN!!!!!

FreedomHope said...

I will support Bayani Fernando too if he runs for president..siguro baka nga hindi niya makuha suporta ng mga greedy media companies who only care about their profits, pero kung guz2 talaga natin siya mapatakbo as president, sobrang lawak ng web para malaman ng buong Pilipinas kung ano magagawa ni BF.

happy feet :-) said...

Chef Tonio,
Thank you dito sa blog mo. Encouraging talaga ang mga comment na nabasa ko dito sa spot mo about bf4president...

More power!

Anonymous said...

Let's spread the word about what Bayani have done and what Bayani could do and still doing. A sincere man with sincere determination to do what's is right. Bayani Fernando for President!

Anonymous said...

Once again, the negative sides of Filipinos are coming out.

First off, about all those illegal vendors and those living along the roads. I see that part of the news all the time on television. We all know THEY'RE NOT ALLOWED THERE. That's not their land, they're not supposed to live there, and really, imagine how wide the roads would be. It's harsh, but what the MMDA are doing by removing them is legal - and it helps those that use the roads.

The overpass? I study at Ateneo and those overpasses are useful in crossing Katipunan - where no one practically follows speed limits. And the MMDA closed down the U-turns, sure, it was horrible at first, but the traffic is considerably less now. The idea worked.

It's horrible how the media paints most of the MMDA's projects as horrible, and how they only put those interviews with people saying negative stuff on TV. For his projects, the good outweigh the bad, yet the media only shows the bad. Our country will never improve if it's gonna be like this.

I do hope Bayani Fernando runs and wins. He does things that will draw flak (especially from the corrupt officials), but they do good. I also hope this AMAZING blog stays up so people will read all your good points of the MMDA. :)

Great post. This is what makes blogging interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Bayani Fernando, will campaign for him and try to get at least five more votes from my friends and families. Bayani Fernando is the kind of leader Filipinos need. I can't wait for him to be the President and fire on Alfredo Lim. LOL. With Bayani as President, Philippines may regain its long lost beauty. He started in Manila, I am sure he can do it all over the Philippines. Mabuhay ang bagong Bayani!

Anonymous said...

Campaign for BF.

He had shown Manila, Pasay, Makati, Quezon City, C5 & EDSA how discipline can upgrade our lives.

What our country need is a disciplinarian.

We have so much democracy and freedom, and yet some sectors disagree.

We have enough laws, lawmakers, debates, plebiscite, but where are we now? We need a president that will execute this laws...and also execute the lawmakers! who always want to be president.

We have many wants and demands in life, government is always to blame. But BF taught us how to have simple living.
Simple overpass, underpass, waste management, traffic management, and no to all illegal

Many have said this during election, - I am not a politician, I am a public servant.

- Escudero
- Lacson
- Legarda
- Cayetano
- Roxas

But are we getting enough from them aside from public showoff, and crab mentality?

Do our thousands of pesos every payday for taxes deserve them?

or these...

and all projects that we ussually criticize but actually it helps us.


votebayani said...

What the fuck is Roilo Golez's case against BF? He probably just wants to be MMDA chairperson - it's fucking annoying really, you should all see his huge house in Paranaque (Sinag Tala, I believe) and how he goes to Starbucks across Tropical Hut nearly everyday. I'm so sick of him.

Most of BF's critics only really want his position - it is an enviable one.


makabayan said...

isa akong naturalized american citizen nakita ko yung pagbabago ng marikina , magagandang rules na ginagawa ng mmda na kahit mayroong masasagasaan ,rules are rules you need to follow. sabi ko sa sarili ko kung mayroon lang isang dosenang marikina ang pilipinas napakalaking puhunan na para makabangon ito. ang mga pilipino ay madaling sumunod sa patakaran basta ang manunungkulan ay ipapatupad ito ng tama. ang mga pilipinong lumalabas sa ibang bansa ay napakamasipag masunurin at nirerespeto nila ang mga batas ng mga bansang kanilang pinupuntahan.dito lang sa pilipinas kasi kokonte lang ang nagpapatupad puro short cut ang ginagawa. pag umuuwi ka nga sa pilipinas galing ng ibang bansa bakit ang mga pilipino pipila ng maayos sa mga departure area pero kung dumating ka na sa arrival sa naia parang taeng walang kaayusan di nirerespeto ang mga officers .kasi walang gustong magpatupad ng tama.nakita ko kay fernando na he is doing his job may direksiyon . i think im going to get my filipino citizen back and spend my money campaigning for mr fernando.... who knows waht happen ... i wanna take a chance . i want to retire in the philippines. i also wish he gets somebody that will make our military stronger that enable us to get stability . kasi kakatakot mag invest kung gagatasan ka lang ng revolutionary tax. sayang lang ang pinaghirapan mo.sana you will get a good vice president . not those trapos or artistas . good luck mr fernando make the philippines a better place to live for all filipinos who believe peace and progress are still attainable in the philippines ...mabuhay..

Kaiser Fernandez said...

I'm for BF so far. I haven't heard the agenda of Roxas, Villar, Legarda, Escudero etc...

Although the methods of Bayani Fernando in implementing the law
seems to be absurd, it may just be what is needed by the public.

ave said...

well said mga kapatid.. BF tayo.. add nyo sa Frienster si bf his number 1 volunteer..

lotusflower said...

I don't know BF from Adam and he certainly doesn't know me. But why is it that deep in my heart I know he is going to be good President? Gut feel.

Essentially, because I think he has no pretenses. At least deliberate. No human is perfect. Thing is hindi sya garapal. Tarpaulin nya? Tama naman mga msg gusto niya i-convey. Yung face nya sa tarpaulin? Okey lang yun. Tingin ko di naman pera ng bayan yun.

I reside in Marikina, 6 years pa lang. And I have come to love it here and would not plan on living anywhere else.

So go BF2010.


Anonymous said...

I hope he wins. I think he will fix the country and the people. And so perhaps I can go back home (to the Philippines).

Anonymous said...

My Family and all my friends will volunteer to campaign for Bayani Fernando in our Province. We do believe that he can truly make the difference and now is the time to change for the best. Kaya kay Bayani Fernando Kami. Magaling na may paninindigan pa. For Peace and progress, let's vote for Bayani Fernando for PRESIDENT.

Anonymous said...

isang pinuno na katulad ni BF ang kailangan ng ating bansa, may paninindigan at tapang hindi katulad nang mga TRAPO na puro pangako wala naman ginawa, Go BF Sir if you win I am willing to be your close in security.

Anonymous said...

I think BF is "the man" for the hour. I will campaign for him if he runs for the top post. The Philippines needs a man who will be willing to make rules happen. Go for it BF....the Filipinos need you.

Yna said...

I salute you cheftonio for creating this blog "Bayani for President". The Filipinos should be smart enough to vote for the right man when 2010 comes. BF, the Philippines needs a man like you. Go for it BF... I have been very vocal with my friends about voting for you when you run for President. So count on my vote and for sure I will campaign for you.

For every Filipino, let's unite and help our country. With the help of God, BF will make to Malacanang. More power cheftonio and God bless you're "the man"

Anonymous said...

BF is my next president!

Noli? Self serving with ABS CBN showing the surveys and attacking BF.

We don't need NOLI and his mafia of blackmailers!!! Remember MGB, XXX?

I hope other people in ABS would stand for what they really feel, and not what their BIG BOSS wants them to do.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring leader! I have worked under BF before in Marikina. I always remember BF aligning my patch in my uniform once. Sabi nya "...lagi mo aayusin ito". Di ako taga-Markina pero nakita ko ang kanyang dedekasyon sa tungkulin bilang pinuno.

Boto Filipino!
Bagong Filipino!
Bayaning Filipino!
BF4President 2010!!!

- mula sa Jeddah -

Anonymous said...

hi cheftonio,matagal pa ang 2010 but count my support for BF.naniniwala ako na kaya nyang baguhin ang bulok na sistema sa based here in australia as an freinds and relatives in the phil.will support him.


Chairman BF is truly the right man to be president of our country due to his hardwork & dedication. Though we may not agree with some of his ideas but atleast he gets the job done. Enough of the talkers in Philipine politics .... let us all unite in installing a WORKER at the helm. Arriba!!! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!

Anonymous said...

hi cheftonio,
go BF, hintayin ko ang pagtakbo sa 2010, suportahan kita all the way, acctually ikaw nga ang pinili kong best leader of the philippines para sa reaction paper namin.. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bayani,

I hope you read this because I will be publishing this, both in Tagalog (for the local audience) and English (for the international audience) in every blog and website dedicated to you.

At about 9:30am in the morning of December 2, 2008, I was driving along C5 in Pasig headed towards Makati. I was on the second lane to the left and after passing Julia Vargas, my car's engine suddenly died. I tried starting the engine a few times but it wouldn't. So I switched on my hazard light, opened my window and waved at the drivers behind me to move ahead.

A few minutes later, an MMDA tow truck arrived. I though, at last someone can assist me. An MMDA officer stepped down, and to my surprise, he blamed me for my car breaking down. He said, "You're an obstacle! We have to tow your car! You will be fined P1,700 for the towing and a P500 ticket!"

When we reached the gas station, he said, "It's either we tow your car to the impounding station, where you will be fined P1,700 for the towing and a P500 ticket, or you can just pay P1,500 for towing your car to this gas station."

I asked him, "Why is there a fine and a ticket? Is it the person's fault that his car breaks down?"

He answered, "That's just how it is, OK??", in a nasty and threatening way. Is this the Courteous Service that you are bragging about?

I understand that there is a towing fee, but I found it expensive to tow my car for P1,500 for not even half a kilometer to the gas station. So like any normal Filipino, struggling to earn a living, I chose to pay the cheaper option of P1,500. He didn't even give me a receipt. He even asked me to break the P1,000 bill into two P500s, obviously to make it easier for them to divide the bribe. He left in a hurry before I can get his name, happy that he got a victim.

This is when I realized why there are so many MMDAs on the road. It's such a lucrative job. Instead of helping the people, they have ways to make money off them.

Bayani, it's common sense, if your car breaks down, is it your fault and should you be fined??

We are the only country like this where a driver gets fined because his car breaks down. We all know that this is no isolated event. This is the same with the MMDAs who wait behind U-turn slots, waiting for someone to jump out of his lane, or the MMDAs who wait around the corner where there's a traffic light, jumping on someone who makes a right turn during a red signal. Instead of waiting for violations, they should just be guiding drivers on what to do, and helping in the traffic! We, the taxpayers, support your existence, but instead, your officers find ways to milk us for all we've got. In the meantime, there are many reckless drivers, smoke belchers and private vehicles with police sirens who are still out there.

Bayani, you are running for president in 2010. I was your fan and I would vote for you. But because of my experience with the MMDA, if you can't even control the corruption in your organization, how can you control the corruption in the Philippines??

Citizen Jose

Anonymous said...

No Doubt, Bayani Fernando for President come 2010. People who hate Bayani are the ones who remains poor and are not ready for TOTAL CHANGE. The time is right to vote for a leader who can turn the Philippines around, who can turn the Philippines from GARBAGE to a FIRST CLASS Country. We couldn't think of anyone who can do the job other than our very own CHAIRMAN BAYANI FERNANDO. We salute you Sir! You are perfectly the MAN we need!!! GO GO GO na tayo kay FERNANDO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My own suggestion: Hi Prof Toti, papalapit at papalapit na talaga ang 2010 presidential election, and wether we like it or not, truth is, majority of Filipinos are swayed to vote for candidates who's names are always on the headlines no matter what it's all about wether negative or positive, at the same time they also vote for a candidate who is endorsed by any popular celebrities no matter how rotten the celebrity is, so if ever any certain celebrities endorse Bayani Fernando, let's hope to get the best one, someone with dignity and that someone in our mind is Miss Lea Salonga or Gloria Diaz.

ramil said...

Here's the link of Bayani Fernando

Goddes Hope said...

If only people will know how Marikina was able to transform into a nearly slum area into a dazzling and competitive city, they will surely have no doubts that Bayani Fernando could uplift the status of our nation.

In the first place, hindi sya corrupt. He's rich even before he became the MMDA chairman.

People who's so resistant to change would criticize him because they damn what they don't understand. Pag bawal, bawal. If someone erodes the rule of just law, then then makakalaban mo si BF. What's so pathetic about some people is that they tend to get mad if someone is disciplining them.

Bago magreklamo, tingnan niyo muna ang pwedeng mangyari.

Yung sa issue tungkol sa mga sidewalk vendors na yan, napaka simple lang naman intindihin. Halimbawa na lang ay isa akong lisensyadong tindero. Pinaghirapan ko ang pagkuha ng permit ko, at di ako pumapalya sa pagbabayad ng buwis. Sa tingin ko ba ay makatarungan na hayaan na lang ang mga illegal vendors na yan na magbenta? Aba't mas malaki pa ang kinikita sakin. Hindi pa nagbabayad ng buwis! Tapos sasabihin nila, sana daw pag pinaalis sila, bigyan sila ng magandang lugar na paglilipatan. Ang sarap naman ng buhay nila. 'di sana eh naging sidewalk vendor na lang ako kung ganun din lang pala. Yun pa bang patas kung trumabaho ang madedehado?

I know that it's hard to be corrected. But, if all of us would just let the old culture dominate, walang mangyayari.

I believe that only BF has the strong political will that could move our nation to progress, and even shine.


Anonymous said...

Only corrupt individuals ang ayaw na manalo si Fernando sa pagkapangulo kasi pag naging presidente na si Byani lilinisin niya ang lahat ng basura sa pilipinas pati ang mga politikong basura kaya takot silang manalo si Fernando dahil paano pa sila niyan makapagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan? Bato bato sa langit ang matamaan ay huwag magalit...

Anonymous said...

Looks like third force presidential bet si Sir Bayani Fernando, the administratrtion is leaning towards the more popular and corrupt yet worthless candidates. It's ok because Bayani is the only deserving candidate to win anyway, let's just each one of us do our share to campaign for Sir Bayani Fernando. Don't forget to spread the word guys to all your friends and family to campaign and vote for BAYANI FERNANDO for Prsident!

Anonymous said...

Sana cheftonio makuha din ninyo si Senator Flavier at Jaime Zobel de Ayala na magendorso kay Bayani Fernando dahil ito yung iilan na may natirang didnidad sa kanilang mga sarili para mas lalong lumaki ang kanyang lamang sa halalan. and just so you know too napakaganda ng video ni bayani sa youtube showing being a "catalyst leader" ganong klaseng election komersyal ang nakakapagtouch sa taong bayan, kaya cheftonio sana isama nyo iyan sa election commercial ni Fernando dahil napakaganda niyan.

Anonymous said...

Pls sign petition here
thanks ya'll!

Rj said...

All we need is discipline!!! discipline!!! discipline!!!
... and we need BF!!! I vote for Him!

JC Punongbayan said...

Bayani Fernando for 2010 President? Count me in. ;) His bankable characteristic would be political will, and I'm sure he'll make a good president. Let's support him!

jose a acelajado said...

February 4, 2009

I will voluntarily/give my all out support to BF's candidiacy for president as i don't find any other alternative presidential aspirants who can match his dedication, political will, and vision for a prosperous and just Filipino soceity.
Municipality of Siniloan, Laguna.

Anonymous said...

Your all invited to join and be part of so we can start communicating with each other, hold our hands together, organize and work together, volunteer ourselves for a better Philippines and show BF that his dream to become a builder of character is at hand, then will emerge a new and genuine Filipino identity we will be proud to be...come year 2010...

Anonymous said...

your all invited to join and be part of so we can start communicating with each other, hold our hands together, organize and work together, volunteer ourselves for a better Philippines and show BF that his dream to become a builder of character is at hand, then will emerge a new and genuine filipino we will all be proud of.

Teejay said...

BF "will get it Done!"

JunS said...

I hope BF will win the 2010 Presidential Election. He is the person te political will to lead the Philippines to a brighter future. This early I am sure I will be voting for BAYANI FERNANDO.


Cherry Limpot said...

I will vote for BF. Let us hope that he runs. Also, thanks for posting this blog cheftonio.

Pwedeng pwede ka as campaign staff ni Bayani haha

Anonymous said...

Good job of pointing out the strengths of Chairman Fernando. But with all the good things he has done in Metro Manila, considering that majority of those are traffic-related, wouldn't it be better if he would stay a bit longer as the MMDA Chair because he could still do a lot in Metro Manila's traffic? Since he's really up to running in the Presidential post, he should prove himself to us as early as now by showing his good intentions for the country beyond those traffic-related actions.

Benjamin said...

I'd vote for BF because he delivers results, not mere promises. Though he isn't perceived as "winnable", he's very much credible. Contrary to the view of a good senator, the presidency should never be about popularity but credibility. I believe the Filipinos still have their values intact.

Let us vote for who we believe should win and not who we know. Let us not vote for our our own self interests but rather for the interest of our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Dati, asar ako kay Bayani. Kaya lang minsan, naisip ko, bakit ang taong to, trbaho lang ng trabaho.binigyan nya ng murang tirahan ang mga probinsyano sa port area. Bingyan nya ng permanent loading places ang mga provincial buses na dati rati eh pinagtatabuyan sa Metro Manila. Inayos nya ang mga bahay ng mga squatters. Bakit ako asar sa taong ito. natauhan ako.Ngayon, kasali na ako sa mga taong palihim na nangungumpanya para sa kanya...tawagin natin tong national snowball for Bayani Fernando.
Kung nagkamamli man kami ng impression kay Bayani nuon..tao lang, patawad. Ngayon, sama sama na tayo.

Kumander Lawin

Anonymous said...

I think he's the best man for the job kasi siya lang ang talagang may nagawa sa puwesto.

Medyo dissapointed lang ako about his stand on reproductive bill. Traditional methods of birth control would not help much lalo na sa mga masa na walang kontrol masyado. I hope he'd advocate contraceptions because this will surely have an impact on lowering our population growth.

That being said, I think BF is still the most capable among the presidentiables.

-- Bambi

Lee said...

Ano man galing ng mga ibang pulitiko (galing na magsalita, galing na makipagdebate, galing na mambola, etc) at kahit ano pang ganda ng mga plano nila sa bayan, ganda ng plataporma, at ganda ng intensyon mamuno, kung wala namang POLITICAL WILL, walang kwenta ang galing at ganda.

LETS FACE IT, wala namang pulitiko na tatakbo na magsasabing wala siyang magandang intensyon kaya what do you expect puro dinadaan parin ng maraming presidentiables sa popularity contest ang kanilang hangad maging presidente. Inuuto ang mga tao na sila umano ay matulungin, maka-mahirap, etc, etc... GASGAS na yun!

Nobody is perfect but even as imperfect as we are can have the WILL to resolve our problems, WILL to do change from whithin, WILL to pursue an aspiration, & a WILL to make things happen & the WILL against all odds for Bayani Fernando to WIN just as we WILL that to happen!

POLITICAL WILL ang SAGOT! Nariyan na ang mga batas. Ang kulang nalang ay political will.

BAYANI FERNANDO FOR PRESIDENT SA 2010! Tuloy ang laban, sangdaan porsyento ang suporta!

Anonymous said...

well. I won't vote for him. Was he even thinking about the pros and cons of his footbridges, pink fences, and urinals?

Ada said...

Ayos ito Alvin hehe! Nasa SERPs ng Google.

MakaBF din kasi ako, magregister ka na ;) Sayang ang vote.

Pinoy Jokes said...

sa mga gustong maging Presidente... kung sino man ang manalo sa eleksyon.. sana mapatakbo ng maayos ang Pilipinas... Yan lang ang hiling ng taong bayan... maging mabuti at maayos ang pagpapatakbo ng Pilipinas... krime, droga, mga tao sa lansangan mga namamalimos.. sana magkaron na ng tamang lugar para sa mga yan... MAgkaron sana tayo ng isang Presidenteng makakapagbigay satin ng maayos at mapayapang pamumuhay dito sa Pilipinas... Mabawasan ang mga taong gustong magtrabaho sa ibang bansa at magkaron ng magandang dahilan kung bakit nga ba sila magtatrabaho pa sa ibang bansa eh pwede naman pala sa pilipinas(sana magawan ng solusyon ito)...

Anonymous said...

Well AKOY taga MARIKINA since birth nakita ko ang dati at ngayon na MARIKINA well isa ako sa nakakapag sabi na PROUD ako sa tinitirhan ko! POLITICAL WILL ang kailangan mga leche yang SAVE PASIG movement na yan bata pa ko meron na yan, eh sa Marikina tignan niyo na lang Marikina River ano pa masasabi niyo mga Save Pasig movement members? Sinasabi niyo kung ano ano ginagawa niya sa traffic? well atleast may nakitang ginagawa diba?? kelan ba tinatanag ang MMDA? diba almost 30 years ago? may nakikita ba kayong ginagawa ang MMDA dati?? ngayon lang visible na may ginagawa ang MMDA! PINK FENCE? eh tayo ren naman may kasalanan eh tayo matitigas ulo kaya kailangan pa ng PINK FENCE para lang sumunod tayo! from Rape Capital of the Philippines to the most business friendly city in the Philippines.... Punta na lang kayo sa Marikina... lahat posible sa marikina pati yung pagtatapon at paglalabas sa oras ng basura nagagawa sa marikina... pagtawid sa pedestrian lane ginagawa sa Marikina..... LETS try an ENGINEER naman puro nalang mga economista at mga abugado mga nagiging presidente naten eh....wala akong pakialam sa iba diyan tignan niyo na lang ang MARIKINA sinong lalaban diyan?? MAKATI? huh? eh kung walang AYALA wala naman ang MAKATI... ang TAGUIG wala naman ang TAGUIG kung walang the fort... in short si BINAY walang maipagmamalake ang panget naman ng makati paglabas mo ng AYALA ah?? lalo na TAGUIG.... look at the track record na lang ang bumisita kayo ng MARIKINA para malaman niyo kung ano kaya ni BF>..

Jay said...

sayang lang kasi hndi napili si BF na standard bearer, lumiit tuloy chance ng panalo nya. Pulitika din kasi sa pgpili ng kandidato, sige magaling si Gibo pero wala pa din sya sinabi kay BF, tsk...

BF pa din kami ng pamilya ko hehe

Engr. Francis B. T. said...

You are the chosen one to be the next persident our country! Surely I will vote BF and R. Gordon! Mabuhay kayo!

lesson plans said...

Given the fact the philippines is a democratic country, choosing a candidate is not base solely on what good he has done to the nation but also to his true intentions of doing such things. furthermore, educational status is also a thing to consider.