Friday, May 23, 2008

Commemorative Plates: Not a valid plate. No plate No travel policy.

I was on my way to office when I saw a couple of motorist being apprehended by traffic and police officers because they were sporting commemorative plates. As part of DOTC’s No plate – No travel policy, COMMEMORATIVE PLATES are not valid plates and should not be displayed in place of the original issued license plates.

After a few minutes, my brother called up me up to inform me about the said issue because we were also sporting commemorative plates in all of our cars. Although we do not use it to abuse traffic laws, we will still dislodge it as soon as possible before traveling again.

An article from:

From commemorative to decorative
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The latest ruling from the Department of Transportation & Communications (DOTC) regarding the use and issuance of commemorative plates says that the commemorative plate shall not be superimposed over the regular plate. It shall be installed in front of a motor vehicle either at the right side or left side of the regular plate. As such, the regular plate shall be maintained in the space provided for the purpose. Removal thereof shall be deemed a violation of this order. No commemorative plate shall be installed at the rear of a motor vehicle. Placing the commemorative plate at the rear of a motor vehicle shall be strictly prohibited and penalized accordingly.

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A warning to everyone who uses commemorative plates, better remove them now and transfer them in your front windshield or wherever you want it if you do not want any hassle on your travels. Better be safe than sorry.

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A news from YEHEY

The vehicles that were stopped include those sporting commemorative and vanity plates "PPSA," "PNPA," "PGH," "KALINGA," "PROSECUTOR," "COUNCILOR," and "UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES," among others.

Razon clarified that although the Land Transportation Office approved the plates, the original LTO plates must remain visible at all times.

The police also apprehended motorists whose vehicles had license plate covers, which are unauthorized.


Kaya yun may mga glass plate covers na colored, tinted or clear, mabuti pang alisin nyo na din.


dyosa said...

thanks for letting us know about this. i'll make sure my friends know about this.

Chef Tonios Popcorn said...

No problem Dyosa! :)

For more information, please check out the updates with photos at

Chef Tonios Popcorn said...

Chef Tonios Popcorn said...


Check this blog out. Found it while surfing for photos.


Jen said...

thanks so much!
i just got apprehended by a MAPSA guy yesterday because of my UP Commemorative plate.
I removed it nalang.

Anonymous said...

hi cheftonio! how much is a commemorative plate? coz someone is selling it to me for P3,500. is that expensive? thanks!