Friday, May 16, 2008

Hold-up and Hostage
There is a hold-up and hostage on going right now, May 16 2008 1040am.

RCBC branch in Cabuyao just outside Light Industry science park 1 near Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club. 7 confirmed killed as I post this.

UPDATE as of 12:10 noon of May 16, 2008

All RCBC employees and 2 guards were killed. The bank employee named Olga is in 50/50 state.

UPDATE as of 4:55pm of May 16,2008

P100,000 pesos reward is being offered by Gov. Teresita Lazaro leading to the arrest of the brutal robbery-murder in todays Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation heist in Cabuyao, Laguna earlier.

Eight who were killed:
1. Roberto Castro, RCBC Cabuyao Branch Manager
2. Bernardo Lapaan Jr., Customer Service Head
3. Olga Gonzales, Clerk
4. Juan Leyva, Janitor
5. Noel Miranda, RCBC employee
6, Aguilando Baltazar, RCBC employee
7. Teresita Umayao, RCBC employee
8, Benjamin Nicdao, RCBC employee

One in Critical Condition:
1. Isagani Pastor, currently at St. James Hospital.

Investigation showed that they were killed the "gang" way because they were lined up and shot in the head at point blank range using guns with silencers.

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Ton said...

this is too much. what kind of people are this?.. very depressing incident.

Chef Tonios Popcorn said...

I know. this is how hard life is for others. stealing and killing. poor victims. You haven't heard much yet. they have new tactics and modus operandis.

Security need to be increased.

Thanks Ton for the reply.

p!nkroma said...

OMG! nakakakilabot naman to. kawawang mga bank employees. RIP.

hope they catch and punish whoever did this.

Chef Tonios Popcorn said...


I second your motion! I hope the reward can help turn in the criminals faster as Senator Bong Revilla pledged another one hundred thousand as reward for the arrest of the villains.

Anonymous said...

i really feel for them because i am also a bank employee who makes it a point to service every client who comes in tyhe bank and this is what we get from this people. If they want money why would still waste the life of this employees and am sure some of them still have small children and parents, sisters who care for them. May they rest in peace and these people responsible for this act, you will not get away with this, and you will carry them whole your life.

Chef Tonios Popcorn said...


Let us just wish that they realize that the money they are going to use to buy food to feed their families was in expense of lives of employees.

Anonymous said...

The one in critical incident, undergoing surgery, is another manager and not the female customer service assistant / teller.

Also - I just saw the coverage at Studio 23 NEWS CENTRAL. I will not be able to sleep tonight. I am in tears again.


Chef Tonios Popcorn said...


to everyone, let us offer prayers for peace and justice. We know that our justice system is not that effective but, may they prove us wrong. An eye for an eye if you would ask me.

Grayback said...

sana ngatngatin sila ng uod habang buhay pa sila. it's really too depressing to think about it. wala na ba talagang awa sa kanila puso.? sooner or later pag nahuli sila. makikita mo na lng sa tv na parang kawawa sila. if ever na mahuli sila, wag na yan idaan sa due process. ilibing na lng ng buhay ang mga yan. labas ang ulo.. papyistahan sa mga langgam... masyado na yata akong na carried away ah.

my prayers for the victims..

Chef Tonios Popcorn said...


haha! carried away or not, they don't deserve to be treated as humans sa mga ginawa nila! sinabi nga lang yan ng driver ko kanina e. ipakain daw sa daga! (my driver told me earlier that they deserve to be fed to the rats!)

Anonymous said...

the moment they catch those bastards, bring them to cebu or davao. they wont last a day. vigilantes will be waiting for them.

Chef Tonios Popcorn said...

Those criminals shouldn't be killed in an instant. That punishment would be to light for them. Slow death would be a just right punishment that they deserve.

Sorry for being brutal. They are just so inhumane.