Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why won't jeepney drivers lower their fares?

When the oil price went through the roof a couple of months ago in the Philippines, jeepney operators demanded an increase in fares. Now that the oil prices, particularly the diesel is lower than ever, they stil won't lower it!

They have one lame reason after another and this one is the lamest of them all. They are now blaming the expensive spare parts of their jeepneys on why they still do not want to lower their fare prices.

That is one commodity that ain't going down. Prices of materials are going up and what they are asking is quite impossible. They have sub-standard spareparts in their jeepneys that is why it keeps on breaking down. They buy pre-owned parts and that is why they are always not working the right way.

In reality, they are just greedy! Greedy, greedy and greedy!

They have a one peso discount at selected gas stations. It's not that they use a different kind of fuel. It is the same fuel diesel cars use!

The oil prices are low now. Can you(jeepney drivers and operators) now do your part and lower fares for every peoples good?
Why passenger jeepney sucks
not behaving well ('papansin' drifting) on streets & smoke belching us to death!


Pasyon, Emmanuel C. said...

hehe. kainis nga ito. pero tingin ko di rin natin sila masisisi ng lubos. ilang buwan rin silang nag-petisyon para sa dagdag pasahe bago naaprubahan.

palagay ko nagkakaroon ng misdirected "greed" at "anger". na ang totoong antagonist dito ay ang oil cartel at ang pet nilang mole (na may mole din) kaya. scrap oil deregulation law!