Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When Streets Turn Into Rivers. What's Your Experience?

Last Sunday July 26, 2009, we were all welcomed by this very strong and long unexpected rain that flooded Metro Manila. What happened to our drainage system? Won't it work if the rain stayed for 4 hours straight?

I took the photo below around 1130pm in the intersection of Araneta Avenue QC

As you can see in the photo above and below. Araneta Avenue was converted into a river for several hours!

I've never seen this happen before!!!

Sorry for the blurry photos. I took them while crossing Araneta Avenue - E. Rodriguez intersection -- while driving.

Although I love rain, I pity those who live in that area because the QC government or whoever must be concerned is not really concerned. But remember, we can't put ALL the blame on the government. Sometimes, it's actually the residents that causes the drainage to clog because they throw their trash anywhere.

Take for example some areas in Caloocan where floods reached 2nd floor! I saw a chapel in the news that got aesthetically damaged and disoriented. :( My friends living in Talayan Village got home 2am because they waited the floods to subside.

That same night, we were supposed to hold a party but unfortunately, it was canceled when ea lot called and informed us that the floods were unusually high. It's also nice to know some roads where the floods won't be as high compared to the other streets. Here are some of the streets that weren't flooded at the height of the strong rains last Sunday, when a lot of streets were already more than knee high:

1. When going to Libis, pass through Camp Crame then Camp Aguinaldo.
2. When in Ortigas going to Libis, take a left in Edsa then Right turn at the street after Corinthian Gardens. Take a left (It's a deadend) and right again at the street of Camp Aguinaldo. (I am soo not good with street names)

Some areas that aren't passable to light vehicles: (Espana excluded because everyone already knows this.)
1. E.rodriguez (De Los Santos Medical Center and Walter Mart area)
2. Araneta Ave from E.rod and Araneta Avenue from Quezon Ave (Talayan Area)
3. Dapitan St
4. Retiro near Araneta Ave

Those are just some as I didn't have the energy and resources to do rounds that night just to complete my list :)

Anyway, just post in the comment below if your area won't be passable or otherwise when strong rains hit us again.

Do share your good/bad experiences too if any. :)


ven said...

Alvin!! migaad, i was a victim of that flood last sunday. left angeles pampanga at 4 pm, the "stall" happened around 5:30-6... and we got stuck there till 10 pm!!!! Turned right from NLEX at monumento around 11 pm. sobrang mangiyak ngiyak na ako sa tagal namin sa daan waaaaaaa :(