Thursday, April 14, 2011

Craft Pub & Grill (The Fort Entertainment Complex)

A few bloggers were invited to try out the newly opened Craft Pub & Grill located in the Fort Entertainment Complex. It was actually beside Amber Ultralounge. We later found out that the owner of Amber Ultralounge and Craft Pub & Grill was one and the same.

Craft Pub & Grill has this college hang out feel. It's the place to go to if you want to reminisce your good ol' college days. It serves good comfort food, plays good music using a nice set of sound system and the ambient lighting is just perfect for you and your friends to hang out.

We tried out some of their must-try comfort food:

Chili Con Carne Nachos | Php 365
Nothing special with the nachos but eating them while listening to the band somewhat creates a 'perfect fit' between the food and the mood.

The Craft Burger | Php 375
The burger wasn't what I expected. If you're in search for comfort food, THIS IS your comfort food! The burger was really thick and packed. I wasn't able to finish my order! The mixture of flavors was also great. This juicy burger is topped with melted cheese and horseradish sauce then finished with crispy onions! Doesn't the description alone make you want to try it...badly?

Buffalo Style Wings (Medium Spiciness) | 6 pcs for Php 185
Their chicken wings was so good! Medium spiciness was already quite spicy for me, considering that I love spicy food and I eat wasabi or soak food with Tabasco sauce. One of the best buffalo wing's I've ever tried. A must try!

Calamari | Php 365
Yes. It's as huge as you see them here in the photo. I love onion rings!

Cheesy Fries | Php 225
The fries was cut not in the usual way which gives a texture you won't expect as when you eat your usual fries. The cheese was just, well, cheese but when you mix the cheese with the ranch dressing, it gives you a mouth-tingling sensation.

Classic Craft Wings | Php 185
Below is Craft Pub & Grill's menu:

Huge Burger! 'The Craft Buger' *Drooool*

Craft Pub & Grill (Besides Amber Ultralounge)
Unit E - Fort Entertainment Complex
Facebook Page

[Photo above taken using a Nokia N8]