Friday, April 29, 2011

GMA 7 Studio Tour

I admit that I don't watch much TV but when I do watch, it's most probably about these two things -- Science and News.

I switch from channel to channel when watching news and honestly speaking, GMA is one of my favorite channels to watch prime time news on. Actually, whenever I have the chance during lunch time, I watch Balitanghali on QTV, now called News Channel.

GMA Studio Tour Pin

It was a delight and pleasure to have toured around the GMA 7 compound. We saw almost all the 7 studios and it varied from small to huge studio sets! The GMA 7 Studio compound was full of history. We saw the old building where the old grand staircase is. We also went to the radio stations owned by GMA -- Barangay LS 97.1 (FM) and DZBB 594 (AM)

The Old Grand Staircase of GMA
The New Grand Staircase of GMA

> DZ is the general radio frequency and BB stands for Bisig Bayan.
> Before, GMA stands for General Metro Area because that's all they can reach before. Now, GMA means Global Media Arts
> Officialy launched on June 14, 1950 and owned by Robert Stewart
> Robert "Bob" Stewart was an American war correspondent.
More about the history of GMA here

Studio set of some of the news show that I watch
Wow. At least when I watch the news again, I can say that I've been there. I was also amazed on how several shows share the same studio. I can now understand how the TV behind the reporters work and I also saw the teleprompter where they read their scripts from.

Imbestigador sa DZBB - One of the AM Radio shows of DZBB
97.1 Barangay LS - Tugstugan na! FM Radio station of GMA
Studio set of Imbestigador
Studio set of Party Pilipinas - The biggest and most high-tech studio of them all!
Bloggers gather around the old lobby
Nice view from the 17th floor of GMA 7 building
We also got the chance to have a sneak peak on the upcoming shows starting on May 2011 on GMA 7!

The video below is not even aired yet on GMA 7 as of the time of writing.

GMA-7 unveils new programs and specials airing this May 2011 from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

Here are the list of upcoming shows on GMA 7:
Secret Garden (Replacing Baker King)
Munting Heredera (GMA Telebabad)
Blusang Itim (Dramarama sa hapon)
Andres De Saya  (Saturday night show)
Sisid (Afternoon drama)
Amaya (Epic-serye)
Playful Kiss (Koreanovela)
My Chubby World (Kiddie Show)
Ground Zero: Sa Gitna ng Nagbabagong Mundo (News and Public Affairs)
Sabadabadog (Educational)
More GMA 7 Shows

The one I'm very excited about is the show from the News and Public Affairs --  'Ground Zero: Sa Gitna ng Nagbabagong Mundo' As I've said, I like watching the news and the current happenings in the world. This show is a documentary discussing issues in our ever changing world. The first one will be about Earthquakes (Wow. news and science in one!)

Let me quote the official teaser,
Fueled by the news and public affairs team's endeavor to give the public a better understanding of the natural phenomenon, Vicky Morales and a team of GMA's senior reporters travel from Luzon to Mindanao to find out which provinces are exposed to natural hazards.
In times of natural disasters, “ground zero” refers to the epicenter of a quake or an area with the greatest devastation. But with an increased understanding of natural threats and how our communities might be affected, it is hoped that the toll on lives and livelihood can be minimized.  (more info about Ground Zero: Sa Gitna ng Nagbabagong Mundo)
It's really something else to watch these shows because not only do you learn from it but, you can actually see the actual situation here in our country. It's not like all theory just when you're reading a book. What they show is what's happening in real life. Other than the news, I also watch live sports events on GMA.

Same with thousands of others, I'm definitely excited about the Pacquiao and Shane Mosley fight. Although you can pay and watch it live, real time, by watching GMA 7's coverage, you can watch the Pacquiao fight for free! The fight will air on May 8, 2011. Boxing and sports fans, don't dare miss this! GMA 7 will air it!

Official GMA Website

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Kyle said...

I love Amaya's concept :)

Ven said...

I'm a certified kapuso! Lucky you for going around GMA7.

Shri said...

I'm looking forward to their new shows this coming may!

Cheftonio said...

@Kyle, Yes. First of its kind concept. Have you seen the huge 50-seater boat they built for Amaya? It can really sail! Saw it last night on 24-oras.

Cheftonio said...

You can too! It's open to the public! Just pay a minimal fee I think.

Cheftonio said...

According to them, this is the first time they will be showing a wide variety of NEW shows in just a month! It's really something to be excited about :)

Luke said...

How much will I pay to visit GMA 7?

Luke said...

How much will I pay to visit GMA 7?

Cheftonio said...


I think you need to have a groyp of people. The fee is around 100~200 pesos per person if I remember it correctly.

andrea said...

@Cheftonio, where or to whom are we going to negotiate for the tour?? and to pay as well...