Monday, July 18, 2011

Multiply is now better than eBay!

 I've been a user of Multiply ever since and it didn't take long before I also started to sell using Multiply! I started selling online around 2002. The mediums before were a plenty but the features weren't that good. Now, online classified ads are everywhere and it's getting harder and harder to choose which one to use!

I've tried almost ALL the sites and I've only liked a few. Early this year, I had someone develop my own e-commerce site for my products. I wouldn't have done that if I just saw the newly launched features of!

Multiply History
These are some of the informations I got from Mr. Jack Madrid, country head of Multiply in the Philippines.

Jack Madrid, Multiply Philippines country head

Philippines and Jakarta are the only places where there is a Multiply office. For a little history on why they invested in the Philippines, last 2006-2007, some very creative entreprenurial minded people began using Multiply in a creative way. They used the photo album feature to advertise their wares.

The founders from the US thought that the huge Mutliply traffic from the Philippines was just an adoration. In the holyweek of 2008, they realized that there was something bigger going on in the Philippines because Multiply global traffic went down during at that time. It was a big deal to the founders and they realized that the Philippine market is HUGE! Here are 2 stores that I suggest you check out -- Sweet Success and Tough Brat Bags.

Multiply and the investors behind
Multiply has bigtime backers. Behind them is Naspers, a global media company based in South Africa. Other than Multiply, they also have several huge international investments. Also, is a sister company of Multiply! They are committed to letting buyers have a worldclass buying experience.

Multiply as an E-commerce & Social shopping site / What's new for the Buyers?
Paulo Del Puerto, senior manager for marketing and product development of Multiply Philippines did a run through of the new and improved Multiply marketplace.

Paulo Del Puerto, Senior Marketing and Product Dev Multiply Philippines

One of the new features that I am personally excited about is the possibility of buying from multiple Multiply stores and checkout all at once! Now, that's something new for me as a buyer! Aside from easier browsing becuase of the improved product listing, they now have payment partners like BDO, BPI, Gcash and Paypal!

Aside from payment partners, they also have logistics partner also for easier shipping.

Here's a summary of the new features for the buyers:
- There are now Trust status for Multiply shops. This means that a shop with the trust logo is more trust-able and your purchases will be guaranteed. (Trust shops has T with a shield logo)
- There are featured sellers on the front page.
- Landing page will be the product listing page- Easier buyer-seller communication.  Before buying a merchandise,  you will be presented with options just below the item (if applicable) like available sizes or colors in a dropdown format. You can also select the quantity. Upon clicking buy now, that item will go to your shopping cart. After that, you can either go to another shop and shop again or proceed to check out. If you buy multiple items from different stores, you can checkout all at the same time.

What's new for the Merchant / Sellers?
Merchants have now the power to view a summary of activities in one page. No more going through each and every single page of merchandise that a seller has! The summary of products shows the active product listing's activity.

If you have orders, you'll instantly know which needs attention. Like, which should you be shipping, collecting payment or stock status. You can even communicate with the buyer right through the comment section of the item he/she bought.

And of course, I suggest you get the Multipy trust badge if you are a merchant. This way, the buyer will have more confidence in buying from your shop because their purchase will be ensured.

 About the Multiply event
Several Multiply shop owners were featured and here are some of the shops that afternoon:

Multiply shop owners were also interviewed!

So, what are you waiting for?? Setup shop now and grab your market in the internet like what most of the interviewed Multiply sellers did! If you want to read more about the new Multiply Marketplace, read this FAQ

I find eBay's interface very cluttered and I love how Multiply addressed that issue.
Let me know what you think about the new Multiply site. Happy buying and selling!

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100749431277194349064 said...

I agree, Multiply is now better than eBay! Way better! Thanks for highlighting our online shop cheftonio. hope to do business with you soon :)

Foodamn! Philippines said...

I sell on multiply & respectively too since 2009 :)

Their new feature for merchants are really good, it may surpass eBay soon.

Paulo del Puerto said...

Thanks for this post. Hope you could correct my name to PaUlo rather than PaOlo :)

Cheftonio said...


Thank you!

Cheftonio said...

@Foodamn! Philippines

Yes, if they keep on improving, it will.

Cheftonio said...


Hi! Alr changed it. thanks and sorry for that :)

dms27 said...

Wow,.. And to think I've halted using Multiply.. It'll be easier now to sell online.. Thank God for the Tech world! :)