Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saint's Alp Teahouse Milk Tea

After a tummy-filling dinner in Boulevard Diner, our friend told us that there was this new milk tea place along Katipunan and the concept/ franchise came from Hong Kong. Being milk tea addicts, we didn't even need a second to say yes to the offer of our friend to try the new milk tea place.

Our friend knows where it is located so we didn't have a hard time looking for it. If you're one of the persons who just happened to pass by the area, you won't notice it because it's situated on the second floor of a newly built building. Peanut butter & Co is on the left side of Saint's Alp.

Inside Saint's Alp
Rustic & relaxing feeling
I liked their lights by the counter
Since we were full from dinner, we just ordered some drinks to try them out.
(L-R) Black Tea w/ Milk (Large) ; Tea-Coffee Melange (Small)

On the left is the large (16oz) Black Tea w/ Milk and Tapioca Pearls [Php 105.00].This is the usual Pearl Milk Tea that we order elsewhere. Having drank a lot of pearl milk tea already from different stores, I find the taste of Saint's Alp lacking. One reason could be the amount of ice in the drink as it neutralizes the taste. I did notice something interesting in terms of the quality of milk teas that they serve. It has frothy-like qualities and it feels like your drinking milk shake. Being a bestseller, I think that this drink will further improve sooner or later.

Frothy Evidence

On the right of the photo above is the small (12oz) Tea-Coffee Melange w/ Tapioca Pearls [Php 100.00]. Basing it from my friends description, the coffee taste is very strong -- she said that it was like drinking iced coffee rather than milk tea w/ coffee.

Black Sesame Milk Tea (Large)
My other friend ordered the large Black Sesame Milk Tea w/ Tapioca Pearls [Php 115.00]. When I asked him how the drink was, the description was pretty straight forward. According to him, "it tasted like Milk tea with sesame."  I can't give a good judgment on this one, but at least he got what he asked for.

To-go: Taro (Green) Milk Tea (Small)
We wanted to buy another drink to-go so we could see the packaging. We got the small Taro (Green) Milk Tea [Php 100.00]. It's not the usual packaging as the other milk teas use a "sealer" as the cap for the cup. For this, they just used an ordinary cup top with straw hole. A disadvantage when using this kind of cover was, we were afraid that it would spill on the way home. Their Taro Milk Tea is good. Taro taste is powerful, unlike others that you'll just get a hint of taro taste blended with milk tea.

Saint's Alp Milk Tea and Food Menu:
Saint's Alp QC

Saint's Alp Manila

Saint's Alp delivery menu

Saint's Alp milk teas

Saint's Alp menu

Saint's Alp opened around July 29, 2011, so Saint's Alp is just a week old in the Philippines! There is a note on their window that they're in their soft opening. I'm sure that as things get rolling, their drinks will improve. I wanted to try out their meals but we were so full. I want to try them out again soon with high hopes that I will love their milk tea because it's from Hong Kong.

How to go to Saint's Alp Katipunan?
It's opposite Miriam and Ateneo. To go to Saint's Alp, take the U-turn slot near Bo's Coffee. On the ground level, you'll see a BDO bank.

Saint's Alp Katipunan QC
Saint's Alp
2nd Floor Regis Center (beside KFC)

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Anonymous said...


its Miriam not Merriam as written in your blog.

well,yeah their almond milk tea also is a bit bland compared to bubble tea's version of this.

Anonymous said...

Bon Appetea in Ortigas Center is the bomb. Try their naughteas with alcohol spiked sinkers!

JoTan said...

i love their strawberry milkshake :)