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Bulgogi Brothers in Manila -- A Korean Barbeque Restaurant Chain

Korean barbeque restaurant chain "Bulgogi Brothers" from Korea will be officially open to the public starting September 10, 2011 in Manila, Philippines. The first branch is located in Greenbelt 5 and is operated by Creative Restaurant Concept (CRCI). It is heart warming how much confidence Mr. Zeus Yi, the firm's president has in the Philippines to open the first overseas branch here in the Philippines. In December 2011, they plan to open another branch here in Metro Manila and another one in Cebu. Bulgogi Brothers has 28 branches in Korea and they plan to open 4 more within the year.

Bulgogi Brothers specializes in barbeque dishes of Korean cuisines. Well, literally translating it, Bulgogi Brothers means "Beef Brothers". This is why I wasn't surprised that their meat dishes are so good! I was fortunate to be one of the first few people to have tried Bulgogi Brothers before it even officially opens in Manila.
Inside Bulgogi Brothers - taken with Instagram
I love the chic yet cozy design of the place. The ambiance is also great! From the lights to the walls, everything is complimenting each other and being able to visit Korea several times, I must admit that it actually made me feel that I was really in Korea. See for yourselves. Good job with the interiors!

If you're afraid of taking home the smell from the food that you cooked with your induction cooker with you, worry no more! Their ventilation system is good that even after eating for a long time, the smell didn't stick to my shirt! I guess this is important to a lot of people as a lot of restaurant that has a shabu-shabu/ personal grill concepts makes you smell like food after your meal.

More photos inside Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt 5:
Wine rack by the entrance
Wine trolley?
Love the light!
Let's get down to business. Food. Of course, why would it be called Bulgogi Brothers if their specialty ain't beef? But don't worry, they also have A LOT of vegetable dishes. If I can sum this restaurant up in 2 words, it would be Beef + Vegetables.

Our Appetizer - Corn, sweet potatoes and quail eggs | FOC
Sogogi Naengchae | Php350.00

Sogogi Naengchae is beef with fresh vegetables in an oriental dressing. In their menu, it also mentioned there that this dish is best ordered with Baekseju. Baekseju literally means "one-hundred-years wine". It is a Korean glutinous rice-based fermented alcoholic beverage flavored with a variety of herbs, ginseng most prominent among them. The beef was soft and tender and the dressing was mild yet tasty. Not too strong to overpower the taste of the beef. This is a great dish to start your Bulgogi Brothers experience.

Sogogi Japchae | Php 350.00
Sogogi Japchae is a dish made with glass noodles, beef, bell pepper and onions, seasoned with soy sauce. It is best paired with Chungha (Korean sake (13% alcohol). The presentation is great and it keeps the dish warm at the same time. The glass noodles is very "chewy". Far from the glass noodles we usually taste here in Manila. Feast for the eyes and the tummy because it is colorful and yummy!

Haemul Gungjung Mandu | 6 pcs Php 450.00 / 10 pcs Php 675.00
Haemul Gungjung Mandu is fried dumpling with seafood (mussels, shrimp and squid) served with spicy sauce. This one is best paired with Maechousun (Fruity and sweet plum flavored drink). If you don't eat very spicy food, it is safe to order this because the sauce is in a separate sauce bowl. Same with the previous dish, the presentation is great and keeps the food warm. The dumpling filling is green and I wasn't able to ask if it was vegetables or minced seafood inside. Soft in the inside, crunchy on the outside. If you love dumplings, get this.

Sogogi Beoseot Bokkeum | Php 395.00
Sogogi Beoseot Bokkeum is stir fried beef with assorted vegetables (green pepper, red pepper, onion, bok choy and button mushrooms). This matches with Chungha (Korean sake (13% alcohol). Bok choy is chinese cabbage. Still, served in a keep-warm plate. The presentation for this one isn't very "decorated" because I guess it's hard to present a dish with sauce and that many ingredients. Still, the beef was tasty and tender plus the vegetables were fresh. I can't seem to remember how the sauce tasted but throughout the night, I do not have any strong objections for any of the food served so I guess this was just okay.

Seoul Style Bulgogi (Before)
Seoul Style Bulgogi (After)
Sliced beef with vegetables. The bulgogi broth used is made of fruits, onions and soy sauce. Best paired with Makguli ( Rice wine with 6~7% alcohol content). This one is good. This I can remember clearly along with the next dish I will show you. Definitely recommended and a must order when dining in Bulgogi Brothers!

Gwangyang Style Bulgogi | 2-3pax Php 595.00 / 4-6pax Php 895.00
Gwangyang Style Bulgogi ( Php 595.00 ) is seasoned beef with sweet sauce and served with bean sprout, sesame leaf and green onions. They recommend that you get Baekseju (Korean glutinous rice-based fermented alcoholic beverage flavored with a variety of herbs) to go with this dish. Okay, this is like our 4th dish and now, I was having a hard time distinguishing the dish. The only thing I remember and is common is, the beef is still tasty and tender. I told you, Bulgogi Brothers is about Beef and Veggies.

Bulgogi Brothers Special | Source: Bulgogi Brothers Menu
Bulgogi Brothers Special is somethng really special. Not only is it good to look at because they are presented in a heart shape but, this also tastes very good! This is their special and it is seasoned to perfection. (Un-yang and Gwang-yang Style Bulgogi). Although a bit pricey at Php 1,495 and it's only good for 2-3 pax, sure is very good! I think it's around 10 pcs. Another must order! It's so good that I wasn't even able to take photo of it. LOL.

Jjigae Brothers | Php 495.00
Jjigae Brothers is a combination of Kimchi Jjigae (Spicy stew made with ripened Kimchi, pork and tofu / Bet served with Soju) and Haemul Doenjang-Jjigae (Soybean stew with assorted seafood & vegetables / Best served with Bokbunja Bahae). No need to explain what Soju is, I presume as it is the most popular liquor in Korea. Bokbunja Bahae on the other hand is a rare fruit that tastes sweet. It is said to be good for anti-aging.

I don't find the Haemul Doenjang-Jjigae good. It might be because I am full but the taste has nothing special. BUT the Kimchi Jjigae is very very good! A definite must order! A little warning though as it is spicy and a bit sour, just like Kimchi. Try it and you'll know what I am talking about.

Below is the menu of Bulgogi Brothers:

Fresh, tasty and a great dining experience! If you are a beef lover, go now! This is why I am looking forward to my next visit in Bulgogi Brothers as it is 맛있는! (delicious!). I am also excited to try out the other dishes that they offer! Bon Appétit!

Bulgogi Brothers
3/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St,
Ayala Center Makati City,
Metro ManilaPhilippines
(Beside UCC Terrace Cafe)

Contact Details
Telephone Number: 6216216


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Bea said...

Wow! I've been looking forward to eat here as friends say that this restaurant is famous in Korea.. Thanks for the preview!

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Whats the phone# chef? I want to reserve next week for around 10 persons. I hope you can put the number in your post soon. Thank you!

C Mee said...

Will eat here tonight. Thanks for the intro, now I know what to order. Looks yummy!

Cherie 10101 said...

I'm actually here outside Bulgogi Bros GB5 reading your blog before going in haha

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the dishes all look so good!

harry said...

Nice review! tried this just last two weeks! Yummy!

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Great list of foods. I'm starving.