Thursday, January 26, 2012

iPod Nano 1st Gen Replaced with 6th Gen!

Today, I finally claimed my new iPod Nano 6th Generation in replacement for my iPod Nano 1st generation! I sent it to Senco Link, an authorized Apple service center located in Tomas Morato last November 19, 2011 after hearing about the iPod Nano recall. (Blog:

At first, I was afraid that I might get an iPod Nano first gen that is not as pristine in condition as a replacement to my iPod Nano 1st gen (Bec they said that they will replace the first gen unit with a refurbished first gen unit also). My unit was well taken care of. The original plastic when the unit was bought was still intact upon surrendering it to the authorized service center and therefore, if they remove the plastic, they will be holding an iPod Nano first gen that's still in top shape, like brand new! Only later did I know that instead of another first generation iPod Nano, they'll be replacing it with a 6th generation iPod Nano without even spending a centavo!

A little bit of history. I didn't buy that unit brand new. I got it second hand from a "relative". I don't like spending a lot on gadgets because I discovered that if I wait, I could get it one way or another, like now and sometimes even for free! I've been wanting that 6th Generation Nano ever since I discovered that it can be turned into a watch!

As per asking the service center, the iPod Nano 6th gen I got won't be covered with a warranty. I checked Apple website and it said otherwise. According to Apple, I am covered until January 15, 2013. Anyway, I would believe Apple more.

Got the unit wrapped in a static-proof pouch
Nano surface still protected with sticker protector
Power and volume buttons, flawless!
Soon to be a multi-purpose watch!
At first I planned to sell it and add the money I will get to my "iPhone 5 fundation" since my iPhone 3G is already jurrasic and annoyingly slow at times. But, this is also something that I wanted so.. I decided to keep it! I finally have a Nano watch! Next mission is to find a watch strap similar to something like these:
Some of the best straps I've seen so far.

Do you have an iPod nano first generation hidden somewhere? Dig it up and turn it into a sixth generation iPod nano! Just surrender the unit itself, even without earphones, charger and box.

Read up more about the replacement process in my other blog:

Thanks Apple! :)

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Paolo said...

Nice! Happy hunting for the strap!

BoredBumbero said...

lucky you!

kc said...

I hope they'll do this for 1st gen ipod mini's as well :)

Alex said...

Try lunatik blackout. It's what im using. You might like it too. Google it at Enjoy!

Cheftonio said...



Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm planning on going to an Apple Store this weekend to have my iPod nano 1st gen replaced too. :)

I just want to inquire, though, do they still replace these units, or am I too late? And are all units going to be replaced with the 6th gen, or there are conditions that should be followed for me to get one?

aviones radiocontrol said...

Apple show us many colors of iPod. The iPod is really revolutionary product in music industry.

Joven said...

Wow, nice one, gotta replace mine too. I love the straps, they look so cool.