Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love Dessert: Dessert Buffet for Dessert Lovers

After a heavy snack in Big Daddy's Flamed Burgers one lazy Saturday afternoon, we decided to not have dinner anymore. Instead, we all agreed to try out a new dessert place in Banawe. Located at the corner of Banawe and Hon Gregorio Roxas (Beside Brunos Barber and near King Chef restaurant), a new concept in buffet dining opened -- Love Dessert is a dessert heaven for dessert lovers. It's an eat-all-you-can dessert place for only Php 199!

The only famous buffet place before was Saisaki. Now, several other buffet restaurants popped up in Manila-- Yakimix (Grill, eat all you can),  Matsuri (Japanese food, Order all you can), Tramway (Chinese food, Low cost buffet) and now, we even get pestered offered by agents offering membership cards in hotel buffets! For desserts, Love Desserts is the first dessert buffet restaurant I've heard of in Manila. Although as per research, there is another one along Swallow Drive near Greenmeadows.

The buffet setup is simple and colorful. I'm assuming that they did this to enhance the dessert place ambiance as the mix of colors make it fun and light. The place is not that big but it can accommodate around 50 to 60pax as per my estimate. If you look at the photo above from left to right, you'll see the Halo Halo station, some cakes, pastries section, empanadas and fresh fruits.

They serve different desserts from time to time. When we arrived, it was around 745pm. The place was almost empty as it was still dinner time for most. Around 8pm, people started to pack the place and by 9pm, it was a full house! They kept on refilling the desserts that were almost finished and they also added new desserts.

Here's some of the food that was served in the buffet line up:
Halo-halo section
Food for the gods, cakes, ecclairs and cookies
Mango sago, sylvannas, fresh fruits, empanadas 
Crepe Section (I remember Banana and Apple. Mango was NOT on the list)
Add-ons for the Ice Cream
Coffee and Milk Tea
Ice Cream tubs from Big Scoop
Available Syrups for mixing wherever you want
Here's some of the desserts I've tried:
Loved this! Milk Shake all-you-can! :)
Tuna and Chicken Empanada - Crunchy crust :)
Ice Cream w/ a stick and sprinkles
Banana Crepe
The banana crepe was dry. I do not recommend that but since it's a dessert buffet, just try it to satisfy your curiosity. Ice cream is from Big Scoop so everyone who has tried it will be familiar with the taste and quality of that ice cream. They served two kinds of empanadas that night, one chicken and the other tuna. The tuna is better than the chicken empanada in my opinion. The empanada, although I think is not a dessert, is a good addition to the line up. You can just eat this first if you are hungry before diving in and indulging in the buffet dessert. Milk shake is also available by request. They will make the milk shake for you using the big scoop ice cream they are serving.

Milk shakes available that night: Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.
Ice Cream flavors available that night: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream and Avocado.

Cappuccino or Latte?
What I liked best among the food that they served was the milk shake, coffee and tuna empanada. The coffee beans used for the coffee was from De'Longhi. That's also the brand of their coffee maker which can make latte and cappuccino.

Don't ask me about the Halo halo because I'm not a fan of it so I didn't even touch the halo halo section. My mom loved the ice cream section though. I'm also not a fan of ice cream. The others were just so-so and what I didn't like was their milk tea, crepe and banana (it was not yet ripe the time they served it in the buffet selection.)

In my opinion, just the coffee, milk shake and empanada is enough to make the 199-peso dessert buffet worth it. A good enough coffee for example, averages around 80 pesos per cup. Milk shakes will average around 90 pesos too and an empanada around 15 to 20 pesos. Add that all up and you'll reach a total of 190 pesos. That's if you have one of those items each.

I hope it's the 199 price is not a promo price because higher than that, people will have second thoughts eating here unless they add a lot more dessert. I'd visit this again with friends or if I want to stay for a while when working or blogging. I wonder if I can stay from morning til night? Like other buffet places, I guess not.

Love Desserts
915 Banawe St., Quezon City
Telephone number: (To follow)
Operating hours: (To follow)

More info:
Love Desserts Foursquare

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Have you tried eating here? Let me know your opinion in the comment section below! :)

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Berylle Kaye Hong said...

Went here last night with my fam after reading your post. It was something unique to experience and try. There were hits and misses but the price was definitely worth it. :)

Glenn Ong said...

Oh shocks! I want to try it! Do you have a map? What time to what time are they open?

Cheftonio said...


Yes. True about the hits and misses but I think Php 199 is a very good price! :)

Cheftonio said...


Hey dude! Yes, try them out! Havent checked their operating hours yet. As for the location, are you familiar with Starbucks Banawe? From Del Monte corner Banawe, its after the first corner, left side. :) before king chef and starbucks :)

Catzie said...

I'm glad I found this blog entry. I always wanted to try a dessert buffet. :D And yes, I agree that the price is very good.

Anonymous said...

i have been searching for a place dat offers a dessert buffet. (excespt fo d cake all u can's) and i wud definitely try dis one

can u please let me know how to get der if ill come from timog? thanks guys.. :)

Anonymous said...

how can i get there from makati?
do you have a map?.. i really want to try this.. :)

Cheftonio said...


From Timog, take Quezon Avenue towards Welcome Rotonda. When you reach Araneta ave, turn right. Go on straight then turn left on Banawe. You'll see this on the right side, besides Brunos Barber. You'll see Starbucks banawe before arriving. You can make that as your landmark :)

Cheftonio said...


From Makati, take south super hiway then turn right on Quirino Avenue. Just go straight (and follow the curve) until you reach Nagtahan bridge.After nagtahan bridge, there will be another bridge. Dont take the second bridge. take the right most lane and turn right in Aurora Blvd. go straight until you reach SM centerpoint then turn left in Araneta avenue. Go straight (pass e.rodriguez, pass quezon avenue) then turn left on Banawe. You'll see this on the right side, besides Brunos Barber. You'll see Starbucks banawe before arriving. You can make that as your landmark :)

Anonymous said...

how do you get here from UP Diliman?
I badly want to try it tomorrow! :D

Anonymous said...

how do you get here from UP Diliman?
I badly want to try it tomorrow! :D

Anonymous said...

madami kayang tao dto bukas ng afternoon pupunta ako jan with my bf e.. want to try your dessert.. kinda yummy and so delicious... love sweets.. :))

Cheftonio said...


From UP Diliman, take commonwealth avenue then take the quezon avenue exit (QC Circle).

Continue traversing Q ave then take a right in Araneta Avenue.

Pass the Retiro and Del Monte Intersection then turn left on Banawe. You'll see this on the right side, besides Brunos Barber. You'll see Starbucks banawe before arriving. :)

Anonymous said...

how can i get there from valenzuela city tru commute?

Anonymous said...

I Wanna try it together with my girlfriend. Please help me how to go there from Quiapo transportation. Certainly, how to go there through jeepneys or fx. thanks.

Anonymous said...

please help me. i just wanna ask how can i get there from quiapo? thanks.

lesmaee said...

Hi. Do they serve rice meals? :D

Anonymous said...

how can I get there from Cubao specifically Farmers Plaza ... I really want to go there by just reading your blog. So can you please help me?

young said...

I was actually pondering on a concept like this way back since i'm an avid buffet eater and i've tried almost every spot that offers a buffet especially the big hotels around the metro (sawang sawa na nga ako) so i thought, why not come up with a buffet that offers only desserts or just fruits even, for people who live a healthy lifestyle but do not want to cut down on their food intake.
for those of you askin for directions, if you're within the metro just look it up on google maps.banawe is a popular street where car parts accessories are found.

Dalan Hao said...

i was telling a friend how i wish to be in a place where i can eat desserts as much as i want to, then he told me to google for love desserts, glad to found this blog:)

Chadd Reyes said...

Hi. How will I get there from MRT quezon ave or mrt northe ave?

Chadd Reyes said...

How can I get there from MRT north avenue or MRT quezon avenue?

Anonymous said...

I wanna try this next weekend...good thing I chanced upon your blog. I'm drooling gosh.

Carlo said...

Wow, it looks amazing at the same time delicious. I always looking for a place where there are dessert buffets, glad I found it.