Friday, January 6, 2012

Saint's Alp Revisited

Honestly speaking, I'm getting tired of ALL the milk teas I've been having. They all now almost taste the same. I can't even distinguish the difference between them now that I am very used to drinking milk tea. I'm thinking that the milk tea craze has finally reached the top of the bell curve. I know a bunch of people who aren't craving for milk tea anymore but hearing a lot of good buzz from others regarding Saint's Alp which serves different kinds of tea, I decided to try it again after 5 months since my first visit in this same branch. Finally! A chance to try it again to see if they have improved.

Building Parking Entrance
Before, parking was a problem because the only available spaces were along Katipunan. Now that the building is almost done, the basement parking is now also open! Take note that "Park 9" street is one way. If you are coming from behind (Esteban Abada St), turn right after Park 9 street out to Katipunan and turn right again to Park 9 street. You'll see the parking entrance on the left side. First two hours was like 20 pesos and 10 pesos for succeeding hours if I'm not mistaken.

Elevators aren't working yet as of now. Saint's Alp is located at the 2nd floor of Regis center and it's only a few flight of stairs away so an elevator isn't necessary. Besides, it's always good to build that appetite. It was around lunch time when we came and the place was packed. There were businessmen, students, random people (like us) and some families.

Since I was tired of milk teas already, I decided not to try milk tea this time because they all taste the same to me now. You know what I found out? This is indeed a "Tea" house. They have tea based slush called Sorbies, tea based milk shakes, tea based yogurts, tea based eggs and other tea stuff. We've been trained to look at tea houses like this, as a place for milk tea when in fact, the other tea drinks were also awesome! Some "more mature" customers that time even ordered hot tea.. Yes, the one we get from restaurants for free. Hot teas must be good here since they pay for it here rather than get it free in other restaurants.

Dishes we've tried:
Taiwanese Chicken Chop | Php 195.00
Crunchy with an ample amount of salt and pepper! According to them, the breading of the chicken chop and seasoning are imported from Taiwan. The egg is marinated in tea to give it a more aromatic flavor. The quality of the chicken is surprisingly crunchy even if it is on top of a hot steaming rice. One bowl of this is more than enough to fill you up. Admittedly, 195 pesos is not that cheap for a meal but with the quality of it, I guess that explains the price.

Taiwanese Minced Pork | Php 195.00
Don't let looks deceive you. It won't look very appetizing but the actual smell of the dish when delivered to your table will surely catch everyone's attention beside you. Also imported from Taiwan, the marinade and other ingredients of this dish are all imported. This is why I felt that the dish was so familiar. If there are two of you eating, I suggest you order both the chicken chop and this so you guys could split it into two to get a taste of both dishes. The crunchy pickles on top is also great to neutralize the taste of the minced pork once in a while.

For the drinks:
Matcha Aulait w/ Matcha Agar | Php 115.00
For first timers, Agar is a special firm gelatin that is only available in Saint's Alp. It is trade marked to them. For the Matcha Auliat w/ the Matcha Agar, the Agar is cut up into small bits that it adds texture to every sip. Their green tea has a jasmine-like flowery flavor that made me feel refreshed. Reminds me of the good ol
summer days. A perfect way to cool off and to compliment the chicken chop meal!

Double Mango Agar (Large) | Php 135.00
This is a mango shake on your first sip and somewhat transforms into a tropical flavored shake on your succeeding sips. It has lemon Agar that somewhat gives off a slightly peach taste because of the fruits blending. Also a very refreshing drink, I highly recommend this if you are a fan of shakes. The juice rises up though if not touched for a while but that's nothing a little stirring won't solve. The syrup, teas and other equipment making all these tea-based drinks possible are also all imported. 

Green Tea White Moustache | Php 100.00
Since I wanted to try this, we had one order split up into two glasses. The green tea taste is also flowery. Nothing special with the tea but the top portion where the cream is, divine! Without it, the green tea would be boring. Mixed with it, it's a completely different drink! I also recommend this drink.

Double Strawberry Agar | To be available soon!
They have a habit of letting customers in their store try out different drinks. We were lucky we tasted something new and this will be only out starting Valentines Day. It's the Double Strawberry Agar! If you want my honest opinion, this drink beats all the other drinks I've tried in Saint's Alp and all the other strawberry shakes I've tried in my life. Reminds me of some childhood memories where my parents used to make us strawberry milkshakes. Not too sweet, not too strong.. Just right and makes you feel yum! Sad though that you won't be able to try this until Feb 14 of 2012. This is a super highly recommended, must order drink, more so if you are a strawberry lover! I think the price of this will be similar to existing Agar mixed drinks.

The taste buds of Filipinos are used to very sweet taste and that might be the reason why I expected a sweet milk tea when I first visited. As per research, Agar drinks have a very huge following, even here in the Philippines. As a hardcore "tea house" where almost all kinds of food and drinks are with something with "tea", I guess that explains why this is called Saint's Alp teahouse and tea houses is not equivalent to those just selling milk teas. This one sells a variety of tea-based drinks and food!

Looks like Saint's Alp did improve a lot from my first visit! My next visit would be to try the other drinks and maybe some breakfast meals from the menu. They sound appetizing.

If you've tried Saint's Alp, feel free to drop a comment below on what you think of them or maybe some comments on what you would like to comment, suggest, request. They're probably reading my post. Go ahead and post :)

Saint's Alp Teahouse (The Fort)
G/F Forbeswood Parklane, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Saint's Alp Tea House (Katipunan)
2/F Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

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Tsinoy Foodies said...

Looks good! Hope we get to try this although its a bit far.

anne said...

i agree that most of the tea houses for now almost tastes the same.
few stores even have wide varieties of specialty drinks to choose from but they almost tastes the same as well.

i recommend you to try saint's alp cappuccino agaragar. it goes with a chocolate powder on top, the jellies are yes, heavenly too! :)

thanks for your review and i wanna try that matcha aulait with matcha agar :)

Lala said...

Mouth-watery food, they look so good. Wanna go here if im not busy.