Thursday, May 3, 2012

RUB Ribs and BBQ - Tomas Morato

RUB Ribs and BBQ
After a lunch meeting with our wedding videographer in the Tomas Morato area, he recommended a restaurant nearby. It's one of his favorite places, he said. Without even thinking, we decided to try out his recommendation since it was nearby and it would mean another blogging opportunity for me.

Away form the main busy road of Tomas Morato, RUB is a home-y place to satisfy your BBQ and Ribs cravings. It is comparable to the famous Backyard BBQ restaurant that is in Tagaytay and Boracay. This is recognizably cheaper though but that doesn't mean that the quality of the food is lower.

At night, they put tables and chairs on the sidewalk
Parking is along the streets and can be limited because due to the small frontage of the store, it can only accommodate one car. Even before entering, you know that it's not a big place. Ground floor can probably fit 6 persons max and second floor can fit around 18 max. It has this rustic feel that made me feel at home the moment I entered the establishment.
Ground Floor:
Love the rustic feel
Our Food:
Corn Chowder Soup | Php 100.00
My favorite! I've already been to RUB twice and I never missed to order this! Corn and potato strips blend well together! Be warned though because this is a heavy soup.

Pork Belly | Php 200.00 
RUB's Pork belly reminds me of the pork belly in 5 cows. The sauce tastes like the rib's sauce in Backyard BBQ Boracay and Tagaytay. For 200 bucks, this is worth it considering the size of it. This is big enough for someone hungry. Smell alone is yummy enough to entice you! I even forgot to take photo before eating it!

Fish | Php 220.00
My Fiance got this. Got a piece to try and and it was also tasty but since I'm not a fan of fish (Except Bangus and Sea bass), I couldn't judge it well. There's no stench  nor "fishy" (Lansa) taste. Good enough, I guess.

Our Bill
Don't forget to order their Iced Tea! It's very good! If you are a big group, get their pitcher of iced tea. Otherwise, order the "All my tea" bottled iced tea. Also very good!

Here's their menu:
RUB Menu
RUB Menu

I also heard people reserving this cake as they enter the restaurant. Too bad I wasn't able to try it. Try the fried oreos though. Highly recommended!
Red Velvet Cheesecake -  Must Try!
RUB Ribs & BBQ | Facebook Page
64 Scout Rallos, Tomas Morato Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number(+63 2) 622-6352, (+63 917) 581-5591
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday
11:00am to 12:00am

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Jessy said...

What a mouth-watery foods. Makapunta nga dito, sarap ng pagkain.

Reina said...

Mukhang masarap yan ah.. Sana maka visit ako dyan.