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Getting Your Marriage License 101

My wife made this blog because she wanted to give tips to people securing their marriage licenses. I am not sure if this is standard to all cities but the one we are specifying below is specifically for the Quezon City City hall.
(check out the update at the bottom of the post)

Before anything else, please make sure that your wedding day falls within 120 days before filing your application for marriage license because it is only valid for the next 120 days once released. Since both of us are Quezon City residents, we have to secure our marriage license in QC. Quezon City city hall is located in Elliptical Road, Diliman Central, Quezon City -- website
Upon arrival, we were instructed to go to civil registry office. A list of requirements will be given for you to prepare but the first thing that you would need to present is your community tax certificate "Cedula" (Get this from the barangay office where you are residing). The personnel in charge would be writing your required payments in a sheet of paper then, you would be instructed to go to the city treasurer for payment.
TIP: Have enough change with you as there was a separate lane for exact payments.

Images are for representation purpose only. Actual Form is entirely different
The total amount that we paid was 150 pesos which is composed of marriage license form, Php 50.00 and a filing fee of Php 100.00. After paying, head back to the civil registry office and present your Official Receipt. He will then give you 2 pieces of marriage license application form and will instruct you to go to the health department to schedule and attend the wedding/family planning seminar.
Health Department Location on "B" pin
The health department building is actually the last building along gate 5, Mayaman st. Cor Kalayaan Ave. A good 8-minute walk from Civil Registry so make sure that you have your umbrellas to secure yourself from the scorching heat of the sun or rain. Family planning seminars are conducted on the 2nd floor of the Health Department every weekday afternoons, 1-4pm. Scheduling on the other hand is done at the ground floor of the same building. Its actually best to schedule your seminar first so you are assured of your slot later in the afternoon.

Since we only had a few hours left til our afternoon seminar, we decided to just stay in a nearby restaurant (in our case, Shakey's as it opened earlier). We took this opportunity to fill-up the marriage license application form.

1. Left side of the application form is for Male and right side for females.
2. To be accomplished in 2 copies
Questions are pretty straightforward so there should be no problem.

Upon entering the "classroom" your application for marriage license should be presented. You will be required to log your name and details. Don't forget to write the groom's name first followed by the bride's name below and make sure you spell it correctly because they might use the logged name in your certificate. again, might so better be sure.

Videos will be shown illustrating the main differences between a man and woman in many aspects in life. Although most of the audience did laugh because of the funny illustration, it is an eye-opener that men and women are generally different in many aspects like basic views in life, on how they do things and react to different situations. Want a sneak peak of the video we watched there? Might bore some but here's the actual video showed in our session:

The seminar we attended was far from what we thought it would be. From our initial thought of it being a snoozefest, we ended up leaving the room with at least "some" gained knowledge especially on raising a good family. It was a good thing that the seminar focused overall on being a better couple and your relationship with your family as well as to the community. The second part of the seminar was spent on discussing family planning. The talk was sensitive especially to the more conservative people. That's the reason why children are not allowed in this seminar so for those with kids, please remember that otherwise, you will be rescheduled. Overall, the seminar was good but because of time constraint, they couldn't have a in depth discussion on what the basics of marriage and family planning is all about.

After the 3-hour seminar, your marriage license application will be returned to you with attached certification that you have completed the said seminar.

Next step is to go back to the civil registrar and have it notarized (also inside their office) for Php 50.00. Have the marriage license application photocopied as this would serve as your reference upon claiming your marriage license. Together with the rest of the requirements, submit it to counter 11 where the person in charge will check and receive the documents and tell you when you will going back to get your marriage license. From what I read, it will be posted for 10 working days in the city hall before license is issued on the 11th day.

Here is a summary of the requirements for securing marriage license in Quezon City
1. Community Tax Certificate of both parties
2. 1x1 photo of both parties
3. NSO Birth Certificate of both parties (have it photocopied as city hall will get the photocopies)
4. Certificate of Attendance in Marriage Counseling and Family Planning
5. Both parties present (in signing marriage license and attending the seminar)

Hope these tips helped!

Images are free of royalty from Sxc.Hu

Update from a commenter. Thank you Ms Angel!

Hi! Just to update the info on this blog. My fiance and I went to QC City Hall last week. If you are 24 years old and below, you need to attend BOTH the Family Planning seminar (at the City Health Office) and the Marriage Counseling seminar (at the Social Services Division). Unfortunately, both seminars are scheduled 1pm on weekdays so if you're like me who's below 25, you really need to return to the City Hall another day just to attend the other seminar.

But thank goodness the officer at Counter 11 of the Civil Registry Office was very nice. He allowed us to submit our application even if it lacks the other seminar certificate and our CENOMAR. We just have to furnish the documents once we return to claim our marriage license.

So here are the requirements we had to submit:
1. Community Tax Certificate of both parties

2. ID photo of both parties

3. NSO Birth Certificate of both parties (photocopies)

4. Certificate of Attendance in Marriage Counseling (for 24 years old and below) and Family Planning (required for all)

5. Both parties present (in signing marriage license and attending the seminar)
6. CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage from NSO (both parties)
7. Signed parental advice (since I am 21 years old)

Hope this helps. :)

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Mrs Wong said...

Hi there. We followed what you have instructed here in your website and it sure helped us a lot.

I just wanted to clarify that --- even if we are over 25 years of age we are still required to do that family planning seminar and --- last thing, they asked for CENOMAR. Did you give them a copy of your CENOMAR?

Cheftonio said...

Hi Mrs Wong, Yes, even 25 up. We are 25 up and we took that seminar too :)

What's a CENOMAR? Can't remember any CENOMAR forms/ certificates.

Cheftonio said...

Glad to have helped :)

Cheftonio said...

Just asked my wife about it. Try having your CENOMAR delivered if it's a hassle but no, they didn't ask it from us.

Anonymous said...

Hi mrs wong...i want to know after you already have the marriage certificate. What do you need to do if you want to have civil wedding...what will be the process?

Anonymous said...

hi, cheftonio! thank you for your informative post. is the APPLICATION FOR MARRIAGE LICENSE the same as the LICENSE we will be submitting to the place where we are going to get married? i and my spouse live here in Manila and planning to apply MARRIAGE LICENSE here and present it to the person who will officiate the marriage. would appreciate very much your answer. thank you very much. -PassionateAngel

Anonymous said...

My fiance is an ofw and will be back dis december for our wedding and i am the one processing all the requirements needed i have all her documents like bc, cenomar, and valid ids, my question is would dey allow me to attend the seminars without my fiance? We're both at age im 28 and she's 27 would dey give us exemptions or can i just pay for the seminars? thanks

Anonymous said...

Is it really a requirement to get a seminar certificate or is it posible to just pay the cityhall for that?