Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yoogane (Manila) New Must-Trys

Yoogane ad in the Korean newspaper
My first blog about Yoogane was nearly 2 months ago. I visited them on the very first day they opened in Il Terrazzo mall in QC. I had no complaints the first time and I'm glad to say that my second visit remained that way. In fact, I was surprised that they added new offerings. I've posted the updated Yoogane menu at the bottom of this blog.

New Stuff that we tried:
1) Char-grilled Chicken Galbi | Php 300.00
They are known for this and this is my ultimate Yoogane favorite. I won't leave Yoogane without ordering Dak Galbi. This time, I ordered the Char-grilled version with noodles and not rice. It was actually better than the first time! The char-grilled version has a smoked taste which adds flavor. You can request them to make it mildly spicy but for spicy lovers, I suggest that you let them add spicy sauce! It's soooo gooood! I can finish an entire order! One order like that is good for 2-3 people sharing already (plus other dishes of course). If you are alone, just get one and you're set to be surely stuffed!

2) Gu Mandu | Php 160.00
Shaped like a woman's purse (Not expensive nor does it taste like leather), this pan fried pork and vegetable dumpling is something that I highly recommend as your appetizer in addition to the complimentary appetizers they provide. It's soft, chewy and tasty! Sorry to have made it sound like a cookie but really, you have to taste it to unravel my description. Go ahead, order it.
Gu Mandu. Is that a bag?

3) Galbi Jjim | Php 380.00
If you've read my first Yoogane review, I mentioned something Kaya's sauce being sweeter. Yoogane's Galbi Jjim was the perfect combination I was looking for! The beef is sooooo tender that it seemed like it was melting! The sauce is sweet, I wanted to slurp it down as soup! One of the best Galbi Jjims I have ever tasted! Yoogane is known for their Dak Galbi and I guess they can be known secondarily for their Galbi Jjim!

4) Wider variety of complimentary appetizers | Php 0.00
Free! Of course, who wouldn't want free stuff? It's nice of them to increase the variety of appetizers from 3 to 6! Before, they only serve salad, radish and kim chi. Now, they have potato marbles, dilis, kimchi, sliced raddish, salad and beansprouts. I've tried the all and my favoriteis the sliced raddish, salad and dilis! :)

5) Ice Creamsss | Price differs, see menu below.
After eating all that food mentioned above, I just didn't have space to try out Korean ice creams. Although I've tried some of them from the Korean grocery, I recommend  you try the "encho bar" if you like the vanilla-chocolate combination. The Melona Melon is also good.

New and Update Yoogane Menu:

Although the price increased a bit compared to my first visit, it didn't matter because as long as they don't make the quality suffer, people will pay good money to get good food. Can't wait to visit again and get my fix of their spicy Dak Galbi! :)

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