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2012 in Review - Cheftonio's Blog

Cheers to a new year!
Another year will come to an end and a new year full of hope and optimism awaits us in the coming 2013. For me, my 2012 was a year well spent. Milestones were achieved, memories were created and bridges were built. Every year brings new challenges and despite of the obstacles encountered this year, I'd like to still thank God for every blessing he showered upon us this 2012.

I have a lot to be thankful for. What I want to blog about before the year ends is the highlights of my blogging hobby for 2012. The most viewed posts, the most shared, the most commented on etc. I'll just separate them per category.

1) Lifestyle Posts
Honda CR-V 2012
My most viewed post this year was my post about the new Honda CRV. A lot of blogs and news sites were writing about this car but a few only got detailed shots of it. For the coming year, I'd write more about cars. Well, I love cars and I would think that my first word might have been "car" more than papa and mama.

Another most viewed for me was the interior shots of Robinsons Magnolia. When it opened my brother went there and took shots of it. Because of that, it became one of the most viewed posts for this year.

Tip to jump in to change in 2013: Basing it on those two posts alone, I can concur that people are more interested in reading blogs with more photos. Some people are becoming more visual because they'd rather look at a photo than read.

2) Tech Posts
One of the record breaking posts I did ever since I started blogging. Alacatel's marketing arm sent me a review unit late last year, in which I posted a blog review around January 2, 2011. Up to date, that is the most viewed and the most commented blog post I created! I became the help and support center for Alcatel Blaze Glory 918n mobile phone.

Alcatel Glory Blaze 918n
Other than that post, my iPhone 5 postpaid plan comparison also got the second highest number of views this year. Take note that I just posted the iPhone 5 postpaid plan comparison this December. Technically speaking, this is also a record breaking feat as it was just within a period of 1 month.

Smart's Jump Experience Center in SM Megamall
Tip to jump in to change in 2013: Want to start a gadget review blog or running out of ideas to write about? Visit Jump experience center in SM Megamall (Cyberzone). If you want to do great reviews, there's no better way to do it than try it firsthand rather than just reading PRs and posting about it. Play around it, tinker it etc. You can't review something you can't try. This is how Jump center in Megamall helped me in my blogging needs. If I'm not doing a blog review of a gadget and I'm just interested in trying it out to help decide, Jump center is the place to be.

3) Travel Posts
I'm really thankful to have traveled a number of times this year. A lot of firsts but some seconds didn't disappoint as well. There's no exact same trip because every time you go out, it's going to be something different. It all depends on your attitude and outlook in life.

Malaysian Airlines Airbus A380
My fascination with planes isn't as intense compared to my fascination with cars. It might be because the latter is more reachable. Ever since news broke out about the new Airbus A380, I was excited to be in it. Well, this year presented the chance as me and my wife went to London. The better news was, the plane was so brand new, it was just his third flight ever! It has the smell of a new car in a bigger area! It's so big it didn't fit my camera.

For a local trip, my best one for this year was about the Duty Free shopping in Subic. Subic is the nearest getaway for a real getaway. Tagaytay is very crowded on holidays and you'll be more stressed than relaxed. Since I love driving, the journey of driving on the SCTEx to Subic is entertainment enough for me. I don't over speed. I just enjoy the driving experience.

Tip to jump in to change in 2013: To try to travel more to see what the world can offer (and what I can offer to the world).

4) Food Posts
The unlimited dessert place in Banawe called "Love Desserts" tops this years spot of most viewed and commented food article! Filipinos really love to eat sweets and this is the perfect place to satisfy your craving! A good concept if I may say so. Haven't been back to that place in months now but I would love to try it again soon and see if they made any upgrades/ improvement.

Bulgogi Brothers opened late 2011 but it didn't stop from taking a high position in terms of views here in my blog. To date, it's still my most favorite Korean restaurant in town. To know what to order, check out my post about it: Must order dishes in Bulgogi Brothers

Tip to jump in to change in 2013: Review more healthier foods for a change and indulge on unhealthy favorites lesser.

Change is inevitable so either you change for the good or bad. Don't be afraid of new challenges. Get out of your comfort zone. That will help you grow. Looking back, it's those things done outside your comfort zone that are the most memorable and worth it.

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Happy New Year 2013! Cheers!

3rd Philippine Pyromusical Competition
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