Saturday, December 8, 2012

iPhone 5: Smart vs Globe Comparison

In just less than one week, iPhone 5 will be officially available here in the Philippines via Smart and Globe! Before you shell out your hard earned money, I've made a comparison of the total cash out you will make if you plan to acquire the new iPhone 5.

Prepaid: Smart vs Globe
Based on the prepaid Smart vs Globe comparison, Smart has the lowest price so far. As of the date of posting, Smart prepaid kit is even cheaper by almost 6% versus other known online re-sellers outside. Smart iPhone 5 prepaid kits are cheaper by an average of 2,000 pesos versus Globe iPhone 5 prepaid kits.

Postpaid: Smart vs Globe
*2-year lock-in total plus unit cost is derived by multiplying the monthly postpaid cost + unit acquisition cost.

Basing it on the two charts, Smart has the lowest total cost of acquisition being their "Smart All-in 500" postpaid plan having a total of P35,800 for 2-years (Inlcluding unit cost). Globe's lowest total cost of acquisition is at 35,976 (Plan 299). Comparing Smart and Globe's lowest, the monetary difference in the total cost of acquisition is just P176.00. However, when you get Globe, you'll just get the Plan 299 but with Smart, you'll get it at Plan 500.

What will you get in Globe's Plan 299?
Choose (1) from the following:
(A)10mins call and 200 SMS to Globe and TM. (B)5mins call and 25 SMS to all networks. (C)20minute-10destinations call and 10 SMS. (D)Mobile surfing for 3 hours.

What will you get in Smart's All-in 500?
Choose from a combination of (Not exceeding P500):
(P500)Unlimited calls to Smart/TNT. (P250)80 minutes to Smart/Sun/Globe. (P99)50minutes to Sun. (P350)Unlimited SMS to Smart/TNT/Sun. (P350)3500 SMS to Smart/Sun/Globe.  (P99)1000 SMS to sun. (P199)1250 SMS and 50 mins call to Sun. (P100)8 hours of mobile browsing. (P200)20 hours of mobile browsing. (P200)5 minutes of international calls PLUS call abroad at local rates. (P500)400 minutes or international SMS to USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.

I believe that comparing the two telco's lowest total cost of acquisition for postpaid plan, Smart has the most flexibility in terms of theplan they are offering at Plan 500 vs Globe's Plan 299. In short, you get more bang for your buck!

Let's compare the FREE unit acquisition cost

To get the
iPhone 5 16gb for free, the lowest postpaid plan to get is: Smart Plan 2,499 
(Total cost for 2 years is P59,976)
iPhone 5 32gb for free, the lowest postpaid plan to get is: Smart Plan 2,499
(Total cost for 2 years is P59,976)
iPhone 5 64gb for free, the lowest postpaid plan to get is: Globe Plan 5,000
(Total cost for 2 years is P120,000)

If you want a free iPhone 5 64gb, you can get it for free from Globe at Plan 5000. Take note though that you'll be shelling out a total of 120,000 pesos.

Cheapest Prepaid Kit
iPhone 5 16gb: Smart's prepaid kit at 33,600
iPhone 5 32gb: Smart's prepaid kit at 38,780
iPhone 5 64gb: Smart's prepaid kit at 43,950

Lowest Postpaid total cost of acquisition: Smart's Plan 500 with a total cost of P35,800

Lowest Postpaid Plan with Free
iPhone 5 16gb Tie at Plan 2,499 for both Globe and Smart. Total acquisition cost is P59,976
iPhone 5 32gb Smart's Plan 2,499 with a total acquisition cost of P59,976
iPhone 5 64gb Globe's Plan 5,000 with a total acquisition cost of P120,000

If you're aiming for the iPhone 5 16gb without any unit cost, I'd probably suggest that you go for the iPhone 5 32gb from Smart because total acquisition cost for the 2-year lock-in period is just the same when you get the iPhone 5 16gb PLUS, you'll be using a Plan 2,499. 

Smart is offering cash-outs and prepaid kits at 0% interest via credit card up to 24months!

I've given the facts, data and analysis of which telco offers the lowest cost of acquisition for the new iPhone 5. It's now still up to you to decide where you'll get your iPhone this December 14, 2012. This post is not paid or am I being compensated in any way.

If there are discrepancies on the data above, please let me know asap.

The next question, shall it be in black or white?

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Anonymous said...

sir ung prepaid kit po b ng smart eh factory unlock n un?? kung hindi ilang years b ang lock period nun??

roquito lao said...

anu po b ung prepaid kit ng smart?? may lock period b un?

roquito lao said...

ung sa prepaid kit po b ng smart eh nka unlock po b un o hindi?