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Caffe Dolce Specialty Cafe in Banawe - Order the Strawberry Waffle!

Mmmm... read more about this dessert below.
I get excited when trying out new things. It might not be new for others but new for me. I did a little bit of research about Caffe Dolce and to my surprise, it has been existing for more than a year now! I was shocked that I haven't seen a restaurant situated in a road that I often pass by.

Located in the corner of Linaw St. and Banawe (QC) hides a vegetarian restaurant with special desserts. Caffe Dolce is in the mezzanine level so you can't really easily see it in a glance from the outside, unless you know what you are looking for (Nearest landmark, beside Sogo hotel). The building is also PWD friendly as they have elevators. For those who want to work up an appetite, take the stairs and from there on, you'll feel the ambiance you can expect inside the cafe.

Car blocking at the parking ramp to the "unused" underground parking area
They have an underground parking area and it's weird that they don't allow customers to park there making the available parking spaces limited.Only 4-5 cars can park in front of the establishment. That is still not considering the fact that there are no occupied stores on the lower ground level so next time, parking will be harder.
Artifical flowers on display, for sale.
Elevator on the left for those having a hard time walking
or you can take the stairs.
Saw this bear as I entered the cafe
They had a reservation that night so it was pretty much occupied
Ghost chairs! I know they're expensive.
More artificial flowers on display
Magazine table with another bear
Japanese Curry Rice | Php 175.00 
[Breaded veggie fish with Japanese curry sauce served with rice omelette] This is what I got. The scrambled egg was just so-so because it tasted bland. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the veggie fish. It was crunchy yet not oily. When mixed with the curry sauce and the vegetable sides, it complemented each other. I didn't read the menu well and thought that it was pork that was in it. After eating, I realized that my wife's dish and mine looked similar. That's when I found out that I was also eating fish. I'm not in the position to recommend this dish yet because I haven't tried other dishes but if you want to be safe, yes, you can order this.

Carrot Orange Soup | Php 105
[Carrot soup with a hint of orange, topped with onions] But for this, even without trying the other soup dishes available in the menu, I am confident that you'll enjoy this unique soup. This is the first time I've tried carrot-orange soup and it was surprisingly good! We had it split into 2 but go ahead and get 1! I'm sure you'll enjoy it you won't notice that you've finished it already :)

Teppan Fish w/ rice or noodles | Php 189.00
[Sizzling breaded veggie fish in sweet and sour sauce with mangoes and mixed vegetables, served with either rice or noodles] My wife got this. I would've preferred the sunny side up egg in this dish over the scrambled one served with my Japanese curry. What I dislike about this dish is the fact that it is served in a sizzling plate. If you've been in a restaurant business or you've used sizzling plates before, you'll know that sizzling plates are not that hygienic. Might depend on the quality of the sizzling plate but for me, I'd rather stay away. Why? Try to leave and not touch it for awhile. You'll notice that it'll rust fast. After that, wash it and you won't notice that it was rusted. Just request that it be served on an ordinary plate if you want. If it doesn't matter to you, then enjoy your sizzling food. No pressures :)

Strawberry Waffle with Ice Cream | Php 350.00
[Classic thick waffle served with fresh strawberries and strawberry ice cream topped with strawberry preserves] Now, this is the reason that makes me want to go back to Caffe Dolce. I'm not kidding. If you love strawberries and waffles, there's no better place to indulge in both of that than here! It was sooo good! This dessert is highly recommended! I sooo recommend it that I even included it as my blog topic!

If you've been to Modern Toilet restaurant in Japan or More than toilet restaurant in Shanghai (Sorry for the unappetizing words), they have a similar dessert,

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Still haven't tried Caffe Dolce? Go ahead and try them out! Don't forget the dessert!

Caffe Dolce Specialty Cafe
Address: 848 Mezzanine Level, Banawe Ave. corner Linaw St., Brgy. Siena, 1114 Quezon City, Philippines
Mobile: +639167372399
Phone Number: 7824055

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