Thursday, February 14, 2013

Using a second hand import car? Warning.

They can be VERY tempting. Second hand import cars are very cheap compared to the local units. Luxury sports car costs around 900k to 2.5m pesos depending on the model and luxury cars like an early 2000 model Mercedes Benz S class can go as low as 1million pesos. Honda Jazz costs around 275k-350k. Who wouldn't be tempted?

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Before you buy one, here's an official statement from the LTO:

“The Supreme Court has once again declared and upheld the constitutionality and legality of Executive Order 156 and affirmed once more the banning of the importation of surplus vehicles into the country with exemptions. We would like to warn the general public and those who still entertain the thought of buying cheap and readily available surplus vehicles that can been seen in many display centers or are peddled by some fly by night dealers to some would be victims to drop such silly idea or suffer the consequences of being inconvenienced in the difficulty of the renewal of its registration in the future. All motor vehicles registered in violation of EO 156 can never be renewed again. If ever renewed such registration is considered illegal and any LTO official found to have registered vehicles in violation of EO 156 can be held criminally and administratively liable for his illegal acts. We will never stop warning the public not to be enticed to buy such kind of vehicle because this could be a kind of dead investment and waste of hard earned family income or resources. The law is clear. And the highest court of the land has once again spoken. The message is loud and clear. We certainly hope that the general public will listen to us this time around.”

..and from Facebook, here's a motoring journalist comment:
I pity those buyers who bought it with their hard earned money. Those who has them now will be inconvenienced in the difficulty of the renewal of its registration in the future according to LTO. Not sure if same goes for those "C" plates and "R" plates because they are still counted as surplus imports.

Please spread the news before people buy another second hand import car. Save them the hassle.

So buyers, "B"ware.

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