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Highly Recommended External Battery Pack: Tested!
Around three years ago before Mili came to the Philippines, I've been scouting for that reliable and useful external battery pack for my iPhone 3g. I've bought 3-4 different kinds of battery packs but none lasted. Some lasted for weeks and some a few months.

It's very hard to review battery packs. Unlike mobile phones where it has features like wifi, LTE connectivity or AMOLED display, battery packs just does one thing -- to transfer the power to the gadget of your choice. Battery packs differ in capacity, output power and charging adapters.

For me, the ultimate test for battery packs is their reliability. Their charge cycles are usually an estimate only and doesn't reflect the true and accurate number of cycles. Bottom line, to prove if the battery is worth your money, it must:
1) last for a long time and at the same time...
2) hold the charged power and...
3) must not be easily susceptible to shock.

In my more than 3 years of using Mili products, either I'm lucky or their products have really good quality. As evident, my first Mili product was bought in 2010. Up to now, even though my iPhone 3g isn't with me anymore, the battery still works perfectly fine. It holds the charge well still. It has been unintentionally dropped a number of times already. Although cosmetically, it might show just a bit of wear and tear, it still works just as good although I can't say that it is exactly the same.
I'm referring to the power pack for iPhone 3g and it is rated at 2000mAh. I just tested it now by charging my cousins iPhone 3gs and using WiFi and playing games constantly, it charged his iPhone up to 80%!

Currently, Mili has expanded and brought in different kinds of battery packs and Mili was kind enough to lend us some of their new products for review:

The 8,000mAh MiLi Power Rover
Power Rover | 8000 mAh
This is MiLi’s highest capacity power bank to date that comes in a purse-friendly compact design. The Power Rover boasts of 8000mAh and features 2 USB ports for simultaneous charging of 2 devices. Its power capacity allows for use with both smartphones and tablets. Thus, whatever your favorite gadget, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of the day.
The Power Rover is the perfect tag-along for long trips, whether on the road or long-haul flights.
Price: P4,650
+Pros: 8000mAh of battery life, 2 output ports, slim even though bigger than the others.
-Cons: Long charging hours (doesn't matter to me because I leave my gadgets plugged in before I sleep), bigger in size compared to the other two.

MiLi Power Sunny with 3,100mAh

Power Sunny | 3,100 mAh
This is a higher capacity portable power bank, developed primarily for heavy users of smartphones. It is a notch above the standard 2000mAh power banks, able to support the newer multi-function smartphones, which are more power-hungry that the former models.
The Power Sunny works with a variety of devices – Micro-usb devices, the Apple iPhones / iPods that use the 30-pin charging port, and Mini-usb devices. It is also compatible with the new Apple iPhone 5 by using the iPhone’s Lightning cable in place of the MiLi cable.
Price: P2,500

Power Sunny has a promo from Mar 1 to Apr 30! (Read here)
+Pros: Smaller compared to my old Power Pack, can charge an iPhone 1 cycle plus a few more, great design
-Cons: None unless you need a higher capacity external battery pack.

The very slim and handy MiLi Power Master with 2,000mAh
Power Master | 2,000 mAh
This is the slimmest power bank so far from MiLi, at 2000mAh. It works with smartphones that use the Micro-USB and Apple 30-pin charging ports. The Power Master is very handy, just about the size of a credit card and as slim as a business card holder.
Price: P1,890

+Pros: Very small and handy, lightweight, Card-like design, 2,000mAh of power in that small thing!
-Cons: Power might not be enough for some but is already a very good back-up battery (+)

Each of them has their own pros and cons but of course, I enjoyed the Power Rover the most because it has 8000mAh capacity, 2 USB charging ports and a slim profile. I'm a Mili power king user but I sometimes have a hard time bringing it daily as it was heavy even if it has 18000mAh! Currently, Power Rover is their highest capacity battery. They have phased out Power King already.

I'm on iPhone 5 now and boy, nothing eats up your phone battery when you are on LTE or 3g. This is why I bought a micro USB to lightning adapter so I can charge it using any micro usb cables but the real useful thing for these battery packs is for powering up those mobile WiFis. One, do this to increase your phone's battery life because WiFi consumes less battery compared to 3G/LTE. Second, you just have to subscribe to one data plan and all your gadgets can connect to that one mobile WiFi. The problem though is you have to lug around a mobile WiFi plus one battery pack so the Power Rover with 8000mAh and a slim profile is definitely an advantage!

The Power Rover has 8000mAh and it can last me a day plus a few hours of continuous operation! I don't even need switch off my mifi anymore. So after years and years of using MiLi products, I can safely say that MiLi products are HIGHLY recommended for the main reason that it functions well and it lasts! Do yourself a favor and don't waste money like I did looking for "THAT" working external battery pack.

Check out Mili's products in the ff stores:
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