Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Candy Crush: Unlimited Life

Everyone loves is crazily addicted to candy crush and doesn't it upset you when you're using your last life and you weren't able to achieve the goal? Unless your device is Jailbroken, you will eventually have this problem once you reach higher stages. Life regenerates every 30 minutes. So, other than keeping on bugging your Facebook friends for additional life (until the point that they un-friend you), what other ways can you do to have additional lives?

Just recently, my uncle taught me a technique that wouldn't even cost you .99 cents for full lives!
How to have (technically) unlimited life in Candy Crush?

I have 2 lives left as of 1130am this morning
Go to settings and set your time to manual mode. Advance it for 3 hours (or the number of hours you need) to gain full life.

Go back to your game and check your life...
Reverted back my time to automatic mode and this didn't affect my life in candy crush!

Enjoy unlimited candy crush lives everyone! But don't forget to do you work and assignments first before playing!

...and as another blogger said. "It's not cheating. It's time travel!" :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I hate waiting the 29 minutes or so for more lives.