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Best Weekend Getaway in Metro Manila: Just for Two package at Dusit Thani Manila Hotel

A month ago, I was fortunate to win a contest held by Dusit Thani Manila on Twitter. I was excited because it was such a great package! It included:
- An overnight stay for 2
- Dinner for 2 at Tosca
- Couples massage at Devarana Spa
- Breakfast for 2 either at Basix buffet or Tosca (Exclusive for Dusit Club)

- In-room wine setup w/ strawberry and pralines
- Bathtub filled with rose petals and scented burner

As good as the package sounds, the actual experience is even better!

Dusit Thani Manila's Grand Lobby
It was a busy Sunday. After attending several parties, we arrived at the hotel to check-in. Security measure was not a hassle as they had dog-sniffer sniffing your bags. Makes you feel a whole lot safer than the usual guard-sticking-a-stick in your bag routine. Since our package was the "Just for Two", we proceeded to the second level of Dusit Thani to check-in via the Dusit Club. It took us less than 5-minutes to complete the check-in procedure. They even served us hot tea while they process our check-in. Now that's deluxe service!

Dusit Club
The Room
We were escorted by one of their friendly staff and we were surprised on how HUGE the room was. It has 2 bathrooms, a living room, a working station and a bedroom with a small living room! They also had a swam "towel art" on the bed.

Wine and fresh fruits
Fresh fruits were present and the said "in-room wine setup" with the "strawberry and pralines" were also there.
Living room
As I went around the room, the smell of scented burner and rose petals in the bathtub pulled my olfactory senses to the bathroom and I was surprised how beautiful the tub looked decorated with rose petals! The entire room has this relaxing smell that I still miss up to this date!

The Fort Skyline at Sunset
We had a nice view of the "Taguig-Fort" skyline and it was such a refreshing view to be able to see an uncongested EDSA. Even though there were buses plying the route, we didn't seem to be bothered by the noise because their windows are double-layered.

Wine, strawberry and pralines
We just enjoyed our heavenly pralines and strawberry while we relax with and watch the sunset from our suite with the aromatic smelling scent!

More photos of the room:
Working area
Hallway inside the room

Here's a video of the room:

Dinner for two at Tosca

We scheduled our dinner at 630pm and as we arrived at the restaurant, the manager himself welcomed us and escorted us to our seats. It has been a consistent pattern so far that we were treated like VIPs whenever we meet their courteous staff and managers. Take note, we won this package. Imagine how well they will treat their paying customers!

The best beef carpaccio in town!
Tosca is located at the mezzanine level of Dusit Thani, just beside the Dusit Club Lounge. As the time for our dinner was pre-booked upon check-in, it didn't take long before food was served. We were offered some freshly baked breads before our 3-course meal dinner. We started with beef carpaccio with preserved pecorino and it instantly became a hit for me! The thin beef slices were very good. It was better than the one I had at Zucchini's! I thought before that it was very comparable to the best beef carpaccio I had in Rome but this one is even closer and the serving was generous!

La Ribollita - Tuscan Bean Soup
For the soup, I'm not a fan of beans so I didn't appreciate it much although upon having my first sip, I know that the ingredients used was very fresh. There's something about their food that reminds me of my trip to Rome and that is a good thing because that might vouch for the authenticity of the food.

Swordfish Fillet with White Wine Risotto
Fish was our main course and I loved the way they presented different kinds of sauce for you to choose from. The risotto matches the fish perfectly and I have to admit that even though we were very full from the 2 parties we've attended early that day, I was able to finish the entire dish! The best sauce for me was the right most one. Forgot what its called but it has white wine in it.

Yogurt Icecream with Limonella
We ended our meal with yummy yogurt ice cream topped with wine served by the manager himself! It's not just a date. The dinner was an experience itself and just having a dinner there will let you feel the deluxe service and quality food Dusit Thani Manila has to offer.

Couples Massage - Devarana Spa Experience
It's been a great evening so far and next on our schedule is the couples massage. It's a whole new environment once you step inside Devarana spa. It's like you've been transported to a place where problems doesn't exist. It was that relaxing! From the entrance  you'll pass through a short hallway where you'll be relaxed with the sight and sound of water falling from the sides. The smell, similar to the scent I loved from our room was also present! I think that it's their hotel's official aroma!

After filling-up a short survey form to determine what kind of pressure is applicable for you and what parts of the body they should avoid (if there's pain etc), we were given hot tea and hot towels. At the same time, the attendants will get your footwear and give you their spa foot wear. It's disposable so It's hygienic.

Ice Cream massage, anyone?
As soon as I entered the couples room, I didn't even need to experience the massage itself and I instantly knew that it was one of the best spas I've ever been! I believe my wife felt the same way. The room, as you enter had 2 bathrooms and a locket for two. A sink was also available opposite of the room and it provides all the things you might need (comb, soap, towels etc) and they also provided bottled waters for you to drink after the massage! Just to let you know, that is just half of the couples massage room.

As you enter the next room, you'll see a private bathtub, lounge chairs and 2 massage beds. All those are available in the couples massage room! What we had was their signature massage and it lasted for a good 90 minutes! The massage was also as good as how their spa place looked! I fell asleep a couple of times and I hated it because I wanted to FEEL the entire 90-minute. It was that good.

Breakfast buffet at Basix
Woke up a bit later than usual because we didn't have to prepare our own breakfast and because of that relaxing massage! There was quite a number of people who is still having breakfast in spite of the fact that it was 9am. It must be that popular and I might the only one who haven't tried Basix yet but yes, I'm thankful that I can try now and it's not yet too late!

As soon as we were seated, the wait staff asked if we would want coffee or tea and it was immediately served. We walked around to see their vast selection of dishes. Continental, American, Japanese, Filipino station was present. Juice was not a problem as there were around 5 flavours that were available. What caught my attention was the Filipino station as they had the basic taho and puto with dinuguan that every Filipino loves. I enjoyed the danggit with rice very much. Of course, our meal always ends with a big serving of fruits to make sure we have a balanced diet and they sure have a fresh selection of fruits.

Some pastries, cookies, breads and drinks inside Dusit Club
Reading materials

A part inside the Dusit Club lounge
After breakfast, we went to the Dusit Club lounge to check it out and met with Ms. Danelle, their friendly marketing manager to personally thank her for this awesome (x10000) experience! Even though she was busy that day for their "Back to the floor" program, she took the time off to meet with us. Thank you! :)

This package has been nothing short of amazing so far and for couples who wants to take a time off, do yourself a favor. Save time going out of the country. Heck, save time going out of town! Just get yourself a "Just for two" package in Dusit Thani Manila and you'll be blown away by the entire experience while remaining relaxed by not traveling far and spending a lot!

Just for 2 is a package for couples who wanted to do a getaway without being far from home. This is highly recommended especially for couples who wanted to be alone just for a while without having to worry much about being far from home and the kids. My wife and I are very happy that we are blessed to have experienced this kind of pampering.

This promo is only available from Feb 1 to December 31, 2013 and it's a good opportunity for busy couples who's always doesn't have time to experience pampering in a different level. Inclusions of this promo are as follows:
Buffet breakfast for two persons
Wine set-up with strawberry and pralines in the room
Bathtub with rose petals and scented burner
Couples massage at Devarana Spa
Dinner for two at Tosca

Call Dusit Thani Manila to experience a getaway right in the heart of Metro Manila. For more details and reservations, call + 63 (2) 238 8888.


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