Friday, March 22, 2013

Parking Meter System in Manila

As we know, parking can be very much expensive and hard to find in Manila, most specially in Chinatown.
Not sure if this is the first in the entire Philippines but this is the first time I've seen one here and I wasn't sure if this system is similar to the ones abroad so I decided to interview the parking attendant. She was kind enough to do a quick demo on how this new system works. For those who haven't tried this new parking system yet, it's already present in most of the streets in Chinatown Binondo Manila.

How to use the new parking meter system:
When you just parked,
1) Get a card from an authorized parking attendant wearing yellow roaming around. They should have a parking officer ID on and should issue an official receipt.
2) After buying a card, check the balance first to confirm and make sure that it works and it has credits inside by tapping it to the nearest parking meter machine.
3) Press the slot number you are in. For example, you are in slot number 4, press number 4
4) Tap the card
5) It will now start blinking

When you're leaving,
1) Press the slot number you are in.
2) Tap your card.

It's really easy and I think that it is cheaper. Usually, those parking boys will charge you 40-50 bucks even if you park for less than an hour. That day, I stayed for around 3 hours and I got charged 20 pesos!

How to reload your parking card:
1) Look for an authorized parking attendant wearing yellow shirt with an ID.
2) Pay them the amount you want to load.
3) Get your official receipt.

The credits won't have an expiry date, which is great for people not frequenting Chinatown area and you can be assured that the money you pay will go to the city government.

Check out the photos below to see what the parking meter and the parking card looks like.
Parking meter
The new RFID parking ticket

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