Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BPI Express Online Services That Can Save You Time

If you're a BPI customer, I guess by now, you're already spoiled by the ease of usage and convenience of their BPI Express Online banking. Have you seen their commercials? Often times, they show there how convenient it is to pay your bills and do transactions and yes! It's really that easy and convenient.

I seldom go to the bank anymore. Actually, I never go to the bank to pay my bills. I just go online and pay via BPI Express Online. When I go to the bank, I just do those stuff not possible to be done online (like deposit). Talking about deposits, just this afternoon while talking to Enzo of Juan Manila Express, he mentioned that BPI has this cash drop box deposit system. You can stack up to 99 bills into the machine and it will be good as deposited into your account! (To know more, check out:

But, often times, there will still be a need to visit your BPI branch. Currently, they have an organized queuing system via the BPI Express Assist a.k.a. BEA. Even with BEA, it takes a while sometimes and you need to spend a lot of time waiting. Just today, they informed us of a new BEA feature. This time, it can do appointment-type bookings to reduce waiting time.

Called the BPI Express Assist Online, you can now book your bank visits and reduce the amount of time wasted by knowing what time to go.

Here's how:
Step 1: Log-in to your account. Check out the upper right corner to set appointment
Step 2: Click "Schedule an appointment"
Step 3: Select your choice of bank, city and branch
Step 4: Select your preferred date
Step 5: Select time of visit
Step 6: Select transaction type
After step 6, you need to enter the details of your selected transaction type for "Step 7". Each appointment done online can do 5 transactions. There's no limit though on how many you can reserve so it's okay to get another BEA online queue number if you have to do transactions more than 5.

You can set appointments in 30-minute blocks. On each block, only 10 transactions/ accounts will be accepted and once the block is not available, you'll know it before you set the appointment as it won't be clickable. This will make sure that they won't be overbooked.

So far, you can do appointments like this in ALL branches WITH "BEA". Of the 800+ branches they have nationwide, 500+ branches have BEAs already.

Some facts from the folks over BPI 24/7:
*BPI BEA Online app still being studied
*23% of their user base are already using online means
*BPI doesn't have provincial charges! (I experienced this when I deposited to a BDO provincial account. I got charged 50 pesos!!)
*Male-Female ratio using BPI online banking: Female users ahead by a few percent.
*BPI banks with 24/7 banking signs have computers you can use and they have BPI 24/7 counselors to help educate clients use their online banking

Some services via SMS
To check your credit card balance via SMS, text "BALCC (space) 16-digit card number" and send to 3274 (Smart / P2.50 per successful transaction).

For other banking features:
Smart users, it's already built-in your sim. No need to remember anything. Just go to your sim card application menu. (For iPhone users, Settings > Phone > Sim Applications > Mobile Banking)

*Again, services mentioned above costs P2.50 per successful transaction.*

Before that, you have to enroll your mobile number first. Text "Enroll (space) 10 digit acct (space) 2 digit JAI" and send to 3274 (Smart).
Then, go to an ATM. Insert your card > Enter pin > click other services > activate enrollment > SMS E-connect. It will take around 1-3 days before it will be activated. It's not that convenient to activate it but this is for your safety. But then, after that, it will be very convenient already.
(In case you're wondering about the safety, transactions has a 6-digit MPIN before it initiates the action.)

All these features simply show that they are customer-centric. Their tagline also says it all..

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