Sunday, April 21, 2013

Must-try dishes at Peking Garden

I consider Peking Garden as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the metro. Price-wise, it may not be that competitive but I think you're paying more for the quality of food that they serve. Having eaten quite a number of times here due to the numerous occasions that we celebrate, I'd like to share with you our top food picks that you might want to try on your next Peking Garden visit:

Xiaolongbao always form part of our appetizer on our every occasion.  Over the years, they have actually improved this simple dish to make sure eating every piece is worthwhile. To best enjoy them, make sure to put the classic black vinegar with ginger and be careful with the sauce inside the xiaolongbao, it's really good but since it's freshly made, it's steaming hot!

I consider their Chicken and Meat Dumpling Soup a classic one to fill a hungry tummy. What I liked is the creamy soup base that goes with it and the convenience of eating chicken since it has been de-boned prior so everyone could enjoy eating it without hassle.

We will never leave Peking Duck out since this is one of their best dishes. You can have either 1-way (1 dish: cutting both skin and meat to eat with wrap) or 2-way (dish 1: cutting skin plus thin meat to be eaten with wrap ; dish 2: meat to be minced and eaten with lettuce). Either of the two, you will definitely enjoy every bit of yumminess. Just make sure you control your appetite and not eat too much as this is high in cholesterol.  And since we love peking duck, we always request for the duck bones to be taken home because grand mom uses it to prepare duck congee.

Deep fried pork with peaches and vinegar is one of their new must-try dishes. Crunchy and yummy pork slices prepared with a twist! It has this sweet flavor that children would definitely love. Just a warning, it contains sliced peaches that looked like pork fat (like what most of us thought) so do tell everyone what it is, they might throw away the best ingredient of that dish.

Their Pan-fried Stuffed Fresh Scallops that's served with broccoli is really good. You might want to consider this if you're tired with the usual stir-fried scallops.

Shang Pei Fish Fillet is a good alternative for the classic steamed fish. This dish is tasty and flavors are preserved since this cooked hot-pot style. You can also request for Lapu-Lapu to be cooked this way if you preferred fresh fish over the frozen fillets.

Salted fish and Chicken fried rice has been our favorite to match our dishes. Not too salty and not too blan, it's the perfect rice to mix with your viands as it's combination  doesn't overpower the taste of your other dishes.

Instead of the usual mango sago, we opted for Avocado Sago. Not too sure if this is only available during summers or all year round but you might want to try it "para maiba naman" (to be different once in a while). My sister got to order avocado shake and she said that the dessert was better than her shake.
Quality food with good service, that's Peking Garden style. How about you? Do Share with us your favorite dishes here! We'd love to try them too!

Peking Garden has branches in TriNoMa and Greenbelt5.
TriNoMa Branch Telephone: 901-0502, 901-0507, 901-0531
Greenbelt Branch Telephone: 729-0567, 729-0719, 729-0820
Reservations are highly encouraged especially when there are special occasions.

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