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Mili Power Spring 5 Review

We all know that Apple devices are some of the coolest devices ever made in this century. Cool but not perfect as everything has their own drawbacks. For Apple, the general consensus in terms of the drawback of the device might be the poor battery life. Actually, this is the problem of most smart phones as they are power hungry. The more if you use mobile data like 3G and LTE. It's comparable to a V12 gas guzzling cars when they consume power.

Using 3G/ LTE, one can rarely reach a whole day without charging at least once for the iPhone 5. For me, whenever I want to save on battery, I sometimes switch off data and just use my mobile wifi to get internet access. It consumes less power so it can extend my battery life.

But having an iPhone without internet is pretty useless. Having the LTE feature but not being able to use it is also a waste. This is why I never leave home without portable battery packs! To date, I bring at least the following battery packs with me when I go out:
(1) Mili Power Rover @ 8000 mAh
(1) Unbranded Battery pack @ 5000 mAh (half dead)
(1) Mili Power Pack for 3G/3GS @ 3200 mAh

Of the 3, you can notice that the last one is my oldest battery pack and it still works. I've tried a lot of brands before and none lasts. Some sell it cheap and some more pricier than Mili but most of those brands don't last long. My Mili power pack for iPhone 3G has been with me for around 3 years now and even if I had already sold my iPhone 3G, the battery pack I used to power that phone still works well. It was this USB out that I can use to charge other devices like my mobile wifi.

Very slim profile - An iPhone 5 with Mili Power Spring 5 as case
I've been waiting for one and finally, it's here. Mili released a battery pack case for iPhone 5 -- the Mili Power Spring 5. Rated at 2200 mAh, it might be lower than the battery packs I mentioned above but it is still convenient to charge your phone via your own case. The convenient thing about this case is that you can charge your iPhone 5 without a dangling wire going inside your bag connected to your portable battery pack. It makes you look like a wired suicide bomber.

Unlike the old power packs where you charge your phone by putting it in the case and connecting the charger, this one uses a wire at the back of the case that you use to connect to your iPhone 5 to charge.
As with other Mili batteries, this also has a battery indicator. Remember though that this being a battery / case for your iPhone 5, it might not be able to give you full protection in the front part of your phone. This is because they tried to make it as thin as possible.

Image from
The back portion of your iPhone is safe though. They have this rubber-like material that your phone leans on when inside the case.What I don't like about this case is the way you put on and remove the case. You need to somewhat force it in the case a bit. It won't damage the sides of your phone but it just bothers me. Unlike the old power pack, you can slip it in smoothly.

Front view of the Mili Power Spring 5
Back part of the Mili Power Spring 5
Other than those mentioned above, I don't think I have problems with the main feature of this product which is charging. Sleek in design, smooth piano black finish and doesn't add much weight. In short, Mili did a good job in keeping what the Apple iPhone 5 is known for -- sleek and functional. This is why the Power Spring 5 is a great compliment for your Apple iPhone 5.

Mili Power Spring 5 Specifications:
  • Battery: Li-Polymer
  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Input: 5V / 1A (max)
  • Output: 5V / 1A (max)
  • Charging time: 5 hours (0.50A by Laptop), 3 hours (1A by AC adaptor)
  • LED Indicator Lights: 4 LED lights, each one stands for 25% of power
  • Dimension: 128 x 63 x 15.2 mm

More info? Check out:
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